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Sep 12, 2023

Staying Up to the Test

A conversation with Lauren Aubry, lab manager with Marquis Energy, on new advancements in the lab, helpful technology and challenges lab managers and technicians face daily.

A conversation with Bruce Rastetter about his history in agriculture and ethanol production, as well as the transformative potential of CCS.

From the forest to the sea, a NIU professor is researching the possibility of building the world's first biomass pipeline, an idea with revolutionary potential for the future of biomass transportation. Throughout the years, transportation of large and consistent feedstock has been a limiting factor to biomass’ ability to replace fossil fuels. Mahdi Vaezi, associate professor at Northern Illinois University, has an innovative solution to this problem: hydro-transport of biomass, such as wood chips, wheat straw and sawdust, via pipeline. Now, he and his team are researching what it would take to make the world’s first biomass pipeline a reality.

The keynote speaker and general session panelists at the world’s largest ethanol conference discussed the industry’s role in decarbonizing the transportation sector, recent policy developments and the importance of CI modeling to ethanol’s future.

Mole-Master Services Corporation helps ethanol producers avoid stress when it comes to cleaning and removing blockages in bulk dry storage vessels during shutdown.

The potential demand for ethanol plant CO2 is growing, and a DOE research consortium exploring e-fuels could broaden an already promising spectrum of transformation prospects.

Throughout the ethanol industry, multi-plant executive management is an approach that leads to unique opportunities for networking and growth for the plants involved. In recent years, multi-plant executive management has been on the rise. The boards of some ethanol plants are consolidating their resources by sharing a CEO between multiple plants—even those not owned by the same company—or hiring a CFO on a temporary basis. Ethanol Producer Magazine recently spoke with industry executives who manage two or more plants to shed light on why multi-plant executive management happens, as well as the benefits and challenges of this strategy.

Enviva is expanding into new markets, furthering its mission of decarbonization via sustainable woody biomass.

The rise of renewable diesel production—and what’s coming with SAF—is elevating demand for distillers corn oil. New technologies could push DCO values even further.

ICM is leveraging whole stillage separation to improve DCO gains while bringing energy usage down through a more dry cake.

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