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Exponent, Inc.

Exponent is a premier global engineering and scientific consulting firm that delivers breakthrough insights for our clients' most formidable challenges. We assist multiple stakeholders in the biomass industry throughout the project development lifecycle.

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Lee Enterprises Consulting

Founded in 1995, LEC has grown to become the world’s premier consulting group specializing in the bioeconomy with over 170 experts around the globe. The group’s experts are renowned, hand-selected leaders, with over 97% holding advanced degrees and averaging over 30 years in their respective fields.

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Luminate is a technically-based management consultancy providing technical, commercial, and environmental services and solutions to the power, energy and renewables markets. Luminate provides advisory and independent engineering services, including project development assistance; due diligence and independent engineering in support of financing, mergers and acquisitions, and emerging technologies; resource consulting and energy projections; optimization and corrective action plans; construction, commissioning, and operations monitoring; asset and environmental management; and conflict and restructuring support to clients across the stakeholder spectrum.

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Valuation and Assets Services, LLC

A Multi-discipline appraisals and valuations firm including •Plant Machinery and Equipment Appraisals/Valuations •Ecosystems Valuations - Valuation assessments of the economic benefits or liabilities attached to investments impacting natural capital and ecological resources •Business Appraisals/Business Valuations •Public and Non-Public Utilities Valuations and Infrastructure Valuations •Inventory Appraisals •Commercial and Industrial Real Estate Appraisals/Valuations Our services support transactions such as Financing transactions, Mergers and Acquisitions, Tax analyses, Decommissioning and Abandonment analyses, Insurance, Loss Assessments, Bankruptcies, etc. A partial list of valuations includes Chemical Plants, Processing Plants, Energy recovery (biomass) facilities, Recycling Facilities, Construction Equipment, Dockside Equipment, Metal and Plastic Fabrication Plants, Land based Oil drilling rigs, Gas Pipeline Production facilities, Fleet of Trucks, Business Valuations.

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