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Döscher Microwave Systems GmbH

Döscher Microwave Systems GmbH develops and produces microwave-based measuring systems for moisture. Other areas of application in the processing industry and as laboratory devices are basis weight measurement and density measurement. Our measuring devices are robust, durable and provide reliable data with low calibration and maintenance requirements. The precise use of sensors at key points enables fully automatic, highly accurate and long-term stable moisture measurements of any biomass, whether wood chips, wood pellets, sawdust, straw, etc. in real time.

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Electromatic Equipment Co., Inc.

Supplier of complete line of portable Moisture Meters for determination of Moisture Content in a wide variety of Biomass fuels including wood chips, wood pellets, saw dust, wood shavings, barks, round timber, elephant grass, miscanthus, corn cobs and more.

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ENVEA Inc. manufactures multi-gas and discrete analyzers for emissions monitoring, compliance, particulate, and process monitoring. ENVEA monitoring instruments for Process Control include baghouse filter damage control, leak alerts, flue gas & solid flow moisture, dust & particulate monitoring, and powder & bulk solids monitoring. We also offer engineering design and solutions, technical support, parts & service, and regulatory assistance.

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Finna Sensors

Finna Sensors’ latest on-line moisture measurement system, OMNIR, is the future of near infrared sensing technology. Coming from OMNI, meaning “all” and NIR, meaning “near infrared,” we have created an intelligent all-sensing solution that exceeds expectations. We deliver accurate and instantaneous data that connects to the Internet of Things (IoT) in order to help you make adjustments to your manufacturing line processes. It is easy to use, repair, start-up, network and upgrade via the cloud. It is equally comfortable in AI situations and interfacing with your personnel. Besides the manufacturing process advantages, it also works actively to monitor its own health – performing its best during your crucial processing moments. By selectively harnessing light, to ensure increased uptime and greater profitability for your operation, the future of your manufacturing operation starts now.

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MoistTech Corp.

Controlling the amount of moisture in wood products is a critical concern of the wood and biomass industries. An excess of moisture can have large impacts on final product quality and production. With MoistTech’s NIR moisture sensor, wood product manufacturers can adjust moisture levels on real-time information lowering raw material and fuel costs, higher yields, and more uniform products. Near-Infrared moisture measurement is a non-contact measurement that offers clear advantages over the traditional methods, most important being ease-of-use, elimination of hazardous chemicals, and increased efficiency of product testing. With NIR analysis, all manual steps of collecting, drying and accurately weighing samples are eliminated.

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