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Maxus Capital Group

Maxus Capital Group, LLC (“Maxus”) is a full-service independent specialty finance company headquartered in Cleveland, OH. Maxus provides a wide variety of capital offerings to corporate clients outside of traditional bank financing products. Our clients range from middle market to Fortune 500 companies and span a diverse mix of industry sectors and equipment types.

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PCC Hydrogen Inc.

PCC Hydrogen's technology enables the efficient conversion of logistically friendly ethanol into high purity green hydrogen by using a patented catalyst, a patent production process and patent pending reactor design. Biogenic CO2 from the process that would otherwise be captured by corn in the growing process through photosynthesis can be easily captured as a pure CO2 byproduct of the PCC Hydrogen process and sequestered making the PCC Hydrogen process net negative carbon intensity (CI).

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Advanced Organic Methods LLC

Creator and developer of biomass thermal conversion technology since 2011.

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BioProducts, LLC

BioProducts offers sustainable new products and process solutions to process agricultural biomass in an environmentally conscious and economically advantageous manner. The companies technologies, licensed from University of Louisville, are used to produce from biomass value-added products such as, xylose (a low calorie natural sugar) (Trade name: XuCrose); sustainable solid carbon fuel (BioCoal) (trade name: HemiFuel); high surface area activated carbon (trade name: HemiCarbon); biogas; and natural fiber composites. The company won the Distillers Grains Reverse Pitch competition (Inaugural Bourbon Pitch Contest) organized by the Kentucky Energy and Environment Cabinet, the Cabinet for Economic Development – KY Innovation Office, Innovation Incubated, Kentucky Distillers' Association, and Distillers Grains Technology Council. The company operates a demonstration plant in Louisville, KY to process distillery stillage from local distilleries.

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Digester Doc

We are a full-service laboratory and consultation center for anaerobic digestion specializing in long-term system health through innovations in biochemical research. Our professional team assists in all elements of the anaerobic digestion industry, including feasibility, incentives, permits, development, byproduct commercialization, and improving gas yields. By leveraging advances in scientific research, we provide novel solutions to industry needs.

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HM3 Energy, Inc.

HM3 Energy licenses its proprietary biocoal technology. Its cost effective and energy efficient torrefaction and densification technologies produce biocoal for the export market that is cheaper than white wood pellets at the coal burner tip. HM3’s energy dense briquettes, produced from forest waste, can be used in both coal-fired and biomass-fired boilers. HM3 tested its technology in a demo plant on western juniper and Ponderosa pine forest residues, as well as Douglas fir sawmill residues. The biocoal briquettes performed well in test burns at Western Research Institute. Energy content is 22.5 GJ/Metric Ton; 10,261 Btu/lb; Hardgrove grindability index comparable to Powder River Basin coal.

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IBiocat, Inc.

Focus on biomass pretreatment, separation and conversion to biofuels/other high value products. Industrial experience with 1st generation, gen 1.5 and 2nd gen bioethanol which include bench and scale up experience. Enzyme and yeast testing and selection. Extensive work with wet and dry mill ethanol including the development of new feed.

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Microbiogen Pty Ltd.

MicroBioGen is an Australian based biotechnology company with global success in improving the industrial capabilities of Saccharomyces cerevisiae. This yeast is the world’s most widely used microorganism, underpinning around US$2 trillion in products, from biofuels and pharmaceuticals to mycoproteins for food and feed. With a proprietary platform technology and library of elite yeast genetics, developed over 20 years, MicroBioGen delivers ‘yeast innovation as a service’ to industry leaders globally. Demonstrated through MicroBioGen’s biofuels partnership with Novonesis and co-developing the Innova yeast series which delivers unparalleled industrial performance, MicroBioGen is the collaborator of choice for yeast biotechnology, with opportunities in existing and emerging industries, ranging from optimizing yeast for baking, sustainable feed and energy to food applications. For more information, visit

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Round for a Reason LLC

Heating appliance users are wanting a safer, easier to use and more efficient way to produce heat. Round for a Reason llc has a combustion chamber and heat transfer design that can be applied for many appliances and even larger applications. Part of the design, the baffles/restrictor plates force longer residence time of the fuel and make the path almost impossible for flames to get into the flue. Also, multiple stoves/applications indoor or outdoor, pellet, corn, cord wood or other biomass fuels. Learn more at

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