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Natural Resources Research Institute, University Of Minnesota

The Natural Resources Research Institute is the front door to the University of Minnesota system for biomass research, outreach, and education. NRRI has unique, specialized equipment and expertise to characterize biomass for a variety of novel applications. A new focus is in evaluating biochar creation and application with an integrated approach because of NRRI’s diverse resources available (water, minerals, biomaterials). We are the one-stop shop for application-based research and commercialization. NRRI has extensive knowledge and ability to agglomerate fine biochars to create more usable and higher value biomass products for industry and the ability to produce biochars in grams to tons to de-risk scale-up efforts.

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Penn State Center for Biorenewables

Promote and coordinate interdisciplinary research in bioenergy and bioproducts

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WASTE Lab at Northern Illinois University

The Waste Advanced Solution Technologies and Ecosystems (WASTE) Lab, at Northern Illinois University is dedicated to researching innovative waste conversion technologies and sustainable waste management ecosystems. Our researchers investigate methods for transforming various waste streams, from municipal solid waste (MSW) to agricultural residues, into value-added products. Specific areas of focus include: - Developing advanced thermal, chemical, and biological conversion processes to turn wastes into fuels, chemicals, bioplastics, bio-composites and other products - Designing integrated waste-to-energy and waste-to-fuel systems - Optimizing waste logistics, collection, and sorting to enable efficient waste valorization, including assessing pipeline transport of biomass - Assessing environmental impacts and life cycle sustainability - Evaluating techno-economic feasibility and business models - Building partnerships across industry, government, and communities to develop scalable solutions We recently received a $650,000 grant from the USDA to specifically explore the potential for developing dedicated biomass pipeline networks, which could enable more efficient and economical feedstock logistics at scale. Our multidisciplinary team has expertise in chemical engineering, bioprocessing, materials science, life cycle analysis, and more. We collaborate with stakeholders across the waste value chain to pursue our mission of developing innovative waste valorization technologies and systems that protect the environment and create economic opportunity.

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