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Everlasting Valve Co.

In 1906 Everlasting Valve Company was formed by Patterson Allen Engineering in New Jersey to manufacture and market steam boiler blowdown valves. In the 1960's EV incorporated the unique features of their self-lapping, self cleaning, rotating disc valve into their Pro Valves, Bulk Material Valves, and Diverter Valves. These distinctive features have made Everlasting Valves the valve of choice for many severe service applications around the world. It's the only valve that "Wears In, Not Out".

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Schenck Process FPM

Alternative fuel systems from Schenck Process FPM effectively operate with a wide range of fuel types, helping to decrease equipment & maintenance costs per ton of fuel over the lifetime of the equipment, while maximizing substitution rates. Accurate & consistent feeding of alternative fuels is crucial for a stable kiln operation. With upgraded technologies of the Multiflex feeder & Muticell rotary valve, Schenck Process FPM can help improve the pyro operation, while also decreasing downtime with longer maintenance intervals & faster machine repairs.

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Assured Automation

Assured Automation is a leading supplier of automated valves; compact on/off valves, 2 way ball valves, 3 way ball valves, butterfly valves, plug valves, lead-free valves, PVC valves, stainless steel valves; as well as quarter-turn electric and pneumatic valve actuators, digital flow meters, mechanical flow meters and valve accessories. Our customers appreciate the quality products, excellent service, and ability to help them solve unique challenges that they face. In addition to our standard products, we offer special order and custom assemblies for unique water-related applications. Our experience in project and special valve automation spans over 40 years. We offer a unique online Valve Configurator that allows you to build, view, price, and order your valve package easily and quickly online. We are proud to be ISO 9001:2015 Certified.

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Valve Works, LLC

Valve Works, LLC is a supplier of all types of new control valves and manual valves used in the biomass, pulp and paper, chemical, sugar and municipal industries. We also keep in stock a large surplus of remanufactured Fisher control valves that can be used to offer a quick replacement. Models include: V-150, V-200, 8500, 8580, V-500, ED, EZ and ES just to list a few along with a variety of actuators, positioners and limit switches. Valve Works, LLC specializes in the repair of Fisher, Neles, Jamesbury control valves. Give us a call for quick and personalized service to keep your plant up and running. 

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