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Jayant Agro-Organics, Ltd.

We are leading manufacturers of Castor oil and Castor Deoiled Cake (DOC). DOC is useful as fuel by direct combustion and also for generating biogas through anaerobic digestion. All products are bio based and obtained from agricultural source viz. Castor plant seeds. We also work with farmers to improve the castor seeds yield per acre. The DOC is offered in granular form and also pellet form. The DOC has calorific value around 4200 kcal per kg and is very clean burning with very low ash formation and negligible Sulfur. The castor oil is used in making additives useful in lubricants and fuels, coatings, adhesives, polymers, inks, electrical potting compounds, personal care products like lipsticks, coloured pencils, creams, etc.,

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