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Interra Global

Interra Global is the exclusive North American Distributor of the H2S removal media, FerroSorp. Our top priority is building lasting relationships with each of our customers by providing outstanding products and service. We provide support for many specialty applications, including H2S removal from landfill gas and various livestock biogas sources.

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Unconventional Gas Solutions LLC

Our mission at Unconventional Gas Solutions (UGS) is to be a leading provider of safe, efficient, and reliable solutions for upgrading biogas to biomethane/renewable natural gas. UGS can provide full turnkey systems or engineer unique process equipment to solve site-specific issues. Our team has some of the deepest gas separations experience in the industry. This experience gives us the ability to use all available technologies to get the most out of your renewable resource.

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Hydron Energy

Hydron Energy is the cleaner fuel company helping hard-to-decarbonize sectors, such as transportation and industry, meet future energy demands and net-zero goals. The team is leveraging its unique intellectual property portfolio and decades of experience developing gas separation technologies to commercialize a new platform technology that produces net-zero fuels. INTRUPTor Systems create highly valued gas streams such as RNG and blue and turquoise hydrogen at lower costs than conventional technologies. The unique process also delivers a superior carbon intensity score. To learn more, visit us at or join the conversation on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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Ilode Energy

ILODE ENERGY waste-to-biofuel is helping to meet the growing global renewable energy demand and limit carbon (IV) oxide emissions and soil contamination (chemical fertilizers) by producing affordable cleaner-burning biofuel and biofertilizer. Biofuels power, heat, cool homes, businesses while biofertilizer increases crop yield, soil productivity to farmers for years to come thereby using specific expertise to create a competitive advantage for its customers and reducing costs creating a clear pricing edge among their competitors.

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Norit Activated Carbon

Norit is a 100-year-old company that began producing activated carbon in The Netherlands in 1918 with a vision to provide the highest quality products for air, gas, and water purification. RNG and biogas upgrading systems use activated carbon to remove impurities to separate Nitrogen from methane. With DARCO BG1 for H2S removal, Norit offers superior loading capacity with the lowest $/lb cost of sulfur removed of any media in the industry. It’s safe and easy to install and change out. There is no bricking and it’s non-exothermic, meaning there is no self-heating. Our technical sales and application support teams provide top-notch guidance on appropriate carbon solutions. We consistently receiving high marks from our customers.

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Unison Solutions, Inc.

Unison Solutions, Inc., an employee-owned company founded in 2000, is an industry leader in biogas conditioning and upgrading biogas to RNG. Our systems have been installed at landfills, wastewater treatment facilities, agricultural sites, and food processing plants. Unison has designed and manufactured over 350 biogas conditioning and upgrading systems to date. Unison has approximately 65,000 square feet of office and manufacturing space and over 55 employees, including engineers, CAD designers, PLC programmers, welders, fabricators, electricians, and service technicians. Unison is unique in that we provide all facets of a renewable energy project in-house—from equipment fabrication to ongoing maintenance support.

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