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Interra Global

Interra Global is the exclusive North American distributor of the H2S removal media FerroSorp, and the Vacuum Adsorption Vessel (VAV). FerroSorp, along with our custom VAV bulk media vessel, is used in the production of biogas from dairy digesters and landfill gasses. Since introducing the product into the North American market, we have placed the media at over 200 biogas-producing sites.

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Ohio Lumex

For over 20 years, Ohio Lumex has been a worldwide leader in emissions and process monitoring, including analytical instrumentation, laboratory services, field testing, and consultation. Over the last several years, Ohio Lumex significantly expanded its gas analysis and monitoring capabilities and introduced Elemental Instruments as a new product division with an additional focus on analyzers for process, emissions, and air quality monitoring applications, including the Ei2100 Biogas Monitoring System, the Ei2300 Siloxane Monitoring System, and the Ei3000 Compact Monitoring System. The three systems are economical, fully integrated solutions, including analytical modules, sampling systems, innovative software, and enclosures.

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Unison Solutions

Unison Solutions, Inc., an employee-owned company founded in 2000, is an industry leader in biogas conditioning and upgrading biogas to RNG. Our systems have been installed around the world at landfills, wastewater treatment facilities, dairies, and food processing plants. We manufacture biogas conditioning and compression packages in sizes that range from 20 scfm up to 8,000 scfm, and we work with all types of cogeneration equipment to customize a biogas-to-energy system for each site. The RNG produced by these systems powers on-site industrial generators, is used as fuel by CNG vehicles, and is injected into natural gas pipelines.

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BIOFerm is an experienced provider of turnkey renewable energy systems for anaerobic digestion, biogas upgrading, and solar energy. From project conception through commissioning, we handle every aspect of the process and are committed to providing successful renewable energy projects to our customers. Our range of biogas solutions allows for seamless integration into a variety of different operations, including agricultural operations, landfills, municipalities, water resource plants, distilleries, ethanol plants, and more.

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Hydron Energy

Hydron Energy is establishing novel gas separation solutions for various energy and processing fields of use to address both environmental and economical market opportunities. Hydron has developed its INTRUPTor™ system which is a turnkey solution that turns waste gases into clean fuels. The compact system will provide significant capital and operating cost savings over conventional gas-upgrading technologies for the Biogas Upgrading, Clean Hydrogen, Direct Air & Carbon Capture, and Rare Gas Production sectors.

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Norit Americas

"Norit is a 100-year-old company that began producing activated carbon in The Netherlands in 1918 with a vision to provide the highest quality products for air, gas, and water purification. RNG and biogas upgrading systems use activated carbon to remove impurities to separate Nitrogen from methane. With DARCO BG1 for H2S removal, Norit offers superior loading capacity with the lowest $/lb cost of sulfur removed of any media in the industry. It’s safe and easy to install and change out. There is no bricking and it’s non-exothermic, meaning there is no self-heating. Our technical sales and application support teams provide top-notch guidance on appropriate carbon solutions. We consistently receiving high marks from our customers."

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PRODEVAL is a leader in Biogas treatment and upgrading to RNG. With over 30 years of experience, we operate globally and boast over 400 Biogas upgrading projects across 15 countries. In addition, we have developed cutting-edge CO2 valorization technology that captures remaining methane residues in the off-gas and allows for marketing of the bio-CO2 to various industries, optimizing the plant's upgrading efficiency. We provide a dedicated customer service team to help build your business model. Thanks to remote monitoring and a network of maintenance technicians, we ensure responsiveness, flexibility, and high quality intervention. PRODEVAL is a trusted player in the development of Biogas sector in North America and worldwide.

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Vaisala is a manufacturer of high-end measurement technology. Serving the Biogas / RNG and Carbon Capture applications, the Vaisala MGP260 series of instruments help engineers and plant operators monitor methane, carbon dioxide, and water vapor more efficiently, by measuring directly in the process, and without complex sampling systems. Delivering continuous data, with no moving parts or consumables, the MGP260 series probes reduce greatly maintenance and calibration resulting in a much lower total cost of ownership. Vaisala's innovative measurement solutions have impact where it matters, helping to solve climate change and other global challenges of our time. With cutting-edge technologies for weather, environment, and industrial processes, our customers keep up operations and make data-based decisions.

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Xchanger is a leading manufacturer of custom heat exchangers and blower aftercoolers, with over 25,000 units installed worldwide. We can optimize any of our 10 standard product models to control temperature and humidity in almost any application. By making simple changes to our standard models, our Mechanical Engineers are able to provide custom designs at a fraction of the cost. We offer fin-tube and plate-fin heat exchanger surfaces, many construction materials to choose from, air-cooled and liquid-cooled designs, and explosion proof, severe duty, and inverter-duty motors. Our BG Series heat exchangers are especially relevant to the industry, as they cool and dehumidify Bio Gas streams, commonly found in landfills and digesters.

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