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American BioProcessing

American BioProcessing is developing environmentally friendly carbon neutral processes to repurpose biomass and biomass waste into xylose and activated carbon. American BioProcessing has the exclusive license to the patented process of extracting xylose from hemp (worldwide) and sugarcane biomass waste (Florida).

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Northeast Biodiesel

State of the art dry-wash processing facility converting used cooking oil to biodiesel for home heating and transportation.

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Permanente Corporation

Developers of patented and proprietary technology for high volume and low cost processing of cellulosic biomass into GRC88™ family of green renewable and sustainable biofuels, biocarbon, bio-oils, renewable diesel and marine fuels. GRC88™ is energy dense and free of toxics, free of sulfur, has no heavy metals, burns clean, has no carbon footprint and costs less than all other biofuels today. As marine fuels, GRC88™ will stand as as drop-in liquid fuel for large Sulzer type low speed two cycle main marine propulsion systems. GRC88™ family of fuels includes solid bio-carbon with the same energy density of high grade coals but is 100% green and has zero carbon footprint.

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