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NLC Energy is an experienced developer, owner, and operator of waste to energy facilities. Advanced technology and streamlined processes are strategically deployed to maximize biogas output, ensure a safe environment, and extend the life of the assets. NLC Energy is actively seeking opportunities to collaborate with new partners with whom we can deploy our capital and expertise to transform the biogas industry. NLC Energy runs a healthy, multi-feedstock anaerobic digester. Our flagship renewable natural gas facility runs at full capacity and is one of the first digesters to win LCFS approval for accepting feedstocks from multiple dairies at a single facility, drawing manure from 12 local farms. The facility also processes pre-consumer food waste from local manufacturers. Our onsite decant station allows other producers of renewable natural gas access to the interstate pipeline. In addition, we are the first anaerobic digester to produce ISBT certified beverage-grade liquid C02 and food-grade dry ice. One of our newest ventures includes a partnership initiated by the signing of a Carbon Dioxide Management Agreement (CDMA) with Carbon TerraVault Holdings, LLC (CTV), a partnership between California Resources Corporation (CRC) and Brookfield Renewable (BR). Processing waste for energy, this new site will produce CO2 which will be sequestered at CRC’s Elk Hills field. The site will also produce biomethane, hydrogen and other byproducts.

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Xchanger is a leading manufacturer of custom heat exchangers and blower aftercoolers, with over 25,000 units installed worldwide. We can optimize any of our 10 standard product models to control temperature and humidity in almost any application. By making simple changes to our standard models, our Mechanical Engineers are able to provide custom designs at a fraction of the cost. We offer fin-tube and plate-fin heat exchanger surfaces, many construction materials to choose from, air-cooled and liquid-cooled designs, and explosion proof, severe duty, and inverter-duty motors. Our BG Series heat exchangers are especially relevant to the industry, as they cool and dehumidify Bio Gas streams, commonly found in landfills and digesters.

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Anhui Union Brush Industry Co.,Ltd

Anhui Union Brush Industry Co. Ltd is Chinese professional manufacturer of various brushes. Our factory has a history of more than 20 years. In 2011, we built a new factory and introduced advanced equipment to improve the quality of our products. We have more than 100 employees now. Last year, we produced and sold more than 2 million industrial brushes of various types. We produce industrial brushes with different applications, including, Road Sweeping Brush, Snow Sweeping Brush, Floor Machine Brushes, Strip Brush, Door Seal Brush, Abrasive Brush, Drill Brush, Roller Brush, Cow Brush, Engine Cleaning Brushes, Non-Woven Mill Rolls. Besides, we can also offer solutions on how to choose a more suitable brush under different working conditions.

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