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Consulting in Biogas, Renewable Energy, and EV Sector

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Unconventional Gas Solutions LLC

Our mission at Unconventional Gas Solutions (UGS) is to be a leading provider of safe, efficient, and reliable solutions for upgrading biogas to biomethane/renewable natural gas. UGS can provide full turnkey systems or engineer unique process equipment to solve site-specific issues. Our team has some of the deepest gas separations experience in the industry. This experience gives us the ability to use all available technologies to get the most out of your renewable resource.

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Archaea Energy

Archaea Energy is one of the largest renewable natural gas producers in the U.S., with an industry leading RNG platform and expertise in developing, constructing, and operating RNG facilities to capture waste emissions and convert them into low carbon fuel. We partner with landfill owners to help them transform their long-lived feedstock sources into RNG and convert their landfills into renewable energy centers. We provide our commercial partners a reliable, sustainable decarbonizing solution to displace fossil fuels.

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Forest Waste International

Broker Wood Chips, mostly for use in Michigan US, but also other geographies.

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BIOMETHANE ENGINEERING FOR LOCAL ENERGY PRODUCTION PRODEVAL CORP. is setting out to empower farmers to capitalize on-hand resources to gain energy independence, generate valuable RNG, eliminate down-time, and build a better world together.

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