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Kice Industries

Kice Industries, Inc. manufacturers a complete line of bulk handling equipment, including Kice Multi-Aspirators® for separating dust, fines, brokens and other small pieces of wood pellets prior to loadout. By removing the dust and fines, the pellets being located reduces waste and increases customer confidence in the final product, Other Kice equipment includes hammermill, shedder and granulator evacuation systems, dust control equipment, vacuum and/or positive pressure conveying systems, railcar loading/unloading systems and central vacuum systems.

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Delta Tech Service, Inc.

For over 53 years, Delta Tech Service is "The Chemical Cleaning Company". Chemical cleaning and decontamination has been our specialty since 1970. Whether pre-operational chemical cleaning or existing equipment, no project is too small or too large for us to plan and execute to your satisfaction. We also provide oil flushing services on lubrication and hydraulic systems with the onsite particle counting capabilities. Hydroblasting and hydrotesting services are another service line offered. With offices in Northern and Southern California, Texas and Louisiana we cover the country for our customers.

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