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The Greenbrier Companies

The Greenbrier Companies, headquartered in Lake Oswego, Oregon, is a leading international supplier of equipment and services to global freight transportation markets. Through its wholly-owned subsidiaries and joint ventures, Greenbrier designs, builds and markets freight railcars in North America, Europe and Brazil. We are a leading provider of freight railcar wheel services, parts, maintenance and retrofitting services in North America through our maintenance services business unit. Greenbrier owns a lease fleet of approximately 13,400 railcars that originate primarily from Greenbrier's manufacturing operations. Greenbrier offers railcar management, regulatory compliance services and leasing services to railroads and other railcar owners in North America. Learn more about Greenbrier at

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Hexas Biomass

Hexas Biomass Inc. (Hexas) is a biomaterials company that produces XanoFiber™, a plant-based raw material from our proprietary perennial grass. XanoFiber™ is a substitute for, or supplement to, wood, corn, bamboo, and fossil fuel-based feedstocks. We license our technology or sell conversion ready XanoFiber™ to customers. XanoFiber™ is produced locally wherever our customers’ facilities may be. We deliver XanoFiber™ conversion ready as a drop in solution for use with current production infrastructure without change the functionality or aesthetic appeal of products. This way Hexas is disrupting the use of traditional raw materials without interrupting the supply chain. Hexas is 100% woman-owned small business.

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New Energy Farms Limited

(NEF) is a technology licensing company, developing crop scale up and establishment systems. The management of NEF have extensive (over 20 years) of experience developing and commercialising vegetative propagation systems for perennial grasses in the EU, North and South America, experiencing at first hand establishing vegetatively multiplied crops at large scale. This work focused NEF research activities on developing technology to establish perennial grasses like row crops. As most of the important perennial grasses are sterile (they do not produce seeds) the challenge was to make vegetative propagation easier and cheaper and the solution is NEF CEEDSTM technology.

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