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Roeslein, a leading provider of advanced waste-to-energy and renewable energy technologies, has a proven track record in delivering sustainable solutions that address today's global energy challenges. With its extensive experience in biogas, biomass, and environmental technologies, Roeslein has successfully established itself as a trusted partner in the renewable energy sector. Roeslein is also renowned for its engineering, modular fabrication, and construction expertise and has earned a reputation for delivering exceptional turnkey solutions to clients in various industries. With a commitment to quality, safety, and efficiency, Roeslein has consistently exceeded expectations and set industry standards.

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ProFlow Inc.

We have 60 years of experience sourcing process control instrument solutions, and we select our staff with care. We treat our customers with respect and leave no stone unturned when finding process control instrument solutions for them. Our job does not end when we ship your order out the door. To supplement our wide range of instrumentation, we also offer complete turn key industrial process control packages, and, in consultation with our vendor partners, we offer full warranty support.

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Savengy Technologies

Savengy has a Multi-Effect Distillation (MED) system that can recover more ethanol or other biomass distillate from treated wash. By using multi cylinders, we collocate the several cylinders into one unit. The system is 1/5 the size and at least 5x more efficient than existing distillation systems making it highly adaptable to a wide range of environments. Our solutions are here to help you! We also offer a wide range of energy-saving products and eco-friendly solutions and consulting services for you.

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