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Chip Energy Inc.

Biomass resource Recovery

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Dutchland Inc.

Dutchland, Inc. specializes in designing, manufacturing, and installing precast post-tensioned concrete tanks, Common projects may include, RNG, Water Storage Tanks, Aerobic Digesters, Anaerobic Digesters, Anoxic Reactors, SBR’s, Bioreactors, Clarifiers, Aqua-farms, Fire protection, Turnkey Mechanical, etc. With over 35 years of experience, Dutchland offers clients a unique combination of tank engineering and process design expertise. Precast has many advantages including, long term value/ strength, and exceptional construction speed. This style of construction is also not affected by inclement weather. Dutchland has over 1,000 installations across the United States.

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Synthica Energy, LLC

Synthica Energy is a renewable natural gas (RNG) company focused on the development of organics-to-energy facilities in the Midwest. Our mission is divert one million tons per year of organic feedstocks from non-sustainable outlets, and generate enough RNG to power the equivalent of 30,000 homes.

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