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Buettner Energy & Drying Systems North America, LLC

Buettner provides reciprocating grate furnace as well as multi-fuel burner technology, especially designed for the combustion of biomass material to the market. Firing capacities range from 60 to 250 MMBtu. In addition, the company supplies direct and indirect heated drying technology as well as DESP particulate control systems. Buettner's high efficient dryers are drying various types of biomass, ranging from wood chips to annual plant fibers and sugar beet pulp / chips.

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Central Boiler

Central Boiler manufactures outdoor wood and wood pellet furnaces. Established in 1984 the company's innovations, patents, and efficient, clean-burning technology have established them as the leader in the industry. Their Classic Edge HDX outdoor wood furnace models are among the top for efficiency of all stick-cord wood heating appliances EPA-certified in the USA. The Maxim M255 PE outdoor wood pellet furnace is among the top for efficiency for EPA-certified wood pellet heaters. Central Boiler's proprietary FireStar Combustion Controller features built-in wireless connectivity, giving you the ability to monitor your outdoor furnace in real-time on your smartphone. To learn more about Central Boiler products, visit

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Our Aurora portfolio of patented combustion-enhancing additives is specifically engineered to treat the fireside of furnace/boiler systems against the slagging, fouling, bed agglomeration and corrosion that occurs as a result of burning fuels high in volatile alkalis such as agro-waste, biomass, coal, MSW, pellets and wood.

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REBL Refractories Evaluation Laboratory, ULC

Refractory lining Engineering, Consulting, QA Inspection and Material Testing. REBL, since 1992, is a leading provider in North America to EPCs, owners and operators of Biomass Energy Systems. As an independent third-party subject matter expert, we provide refractory Engineering review, Consulting and execution QA Inspection for new construction and maintenance outage projects. REBL assists clients to have a robust lining system installed to the highest industry standards. This ensures service life goals are met and unplanned downtime avoided. REBL expertise strengthens your in-house Engineering and Maintenance group with the managing of the Refractory Contractor awarded refractory lining and anchor systems installation responsibility.

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Surface Combustion, Inc.

Surface Combustion provides a single source for atmosphere and vacuum heat treatment furaces for the global manufacturing company. We efficiently generate standard and custom heat treatment solutions that are low maintenance, rugged, and reliable. Our extensive knowledge, solid reputation, and excellent support system create a natural fit as a superior business partner dedicated to attaining your short and long-term manufacturing goals.

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