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Carrier Process Equipment Group, Inc. (CPEG)

The CPEG family of brands includes Carrier Vibrating Equipment, Heyl Patterson Thermal Processing, S. Howes, and Sly. CPEG provides the following, all under one roof:• Comprehensive line of process equipment from four separate companies• 500+ years of combined experience in equipment design, engineering and manufacturing• State-of-the-art testing lab to simulate scaled field operation with multiple pieces of equipment for multistep and multistage testing along with full analysis of material characteristics and measurements of material behavior in specific processing applications

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Hayward Gordon Group

The Hayward Gordon Group is a proud partnership of three industry leading brands under one roof: Hayward Gordon, Sharpe Mixers & Scott Turbon Mixer. Three established brands, each with their own area of expertise, that all offer a premier and unparalleled line of products. Together, the group supplies a complete line of pumps and mixers, from large, low speed, high-flow units to high speed, high-shear mixers which cover a broad array of industries and applications. Our pump lines include three solids handling designs, the ANSIMax series, and SmartFlex peristaltic pumps, to name a few. Our HydroMix system utilizes a pump to recirculate and discharge contents of a tank. Discover more about these pumps and mixers on our site:

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streisal GmbH

The appropriate agitator technology for your requirementsThe extensive delivery range extends from submersible motors, a modular system of horizontal submersible agitators in a very wide range of versions to vertical agitators and special designs that provide the features required to solve individual problems. With our many years of experience and insights gained from innumerable mixing tests, we are capable of selecting the right product for the particular application from this wide variety of options every time. Use our expertise in optimising your system. Our employees will be happy to work out individual concepts for you.

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The ShockWave Power Reactor (SPR) equipment uses cavitation to enhance extraction and yield. The SPR uses the pressure fluctuations and extraction ability of cavitation to makes the fats, sugars, proteins and starches more accessible to the bacteria which increases methane gas yield. The SPR has a small footprint and easy to install device that can increase gas production by 20% or more while simultaneously reducing viscosity. It is fully commercial worldwide.

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