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Curran Renewable Energy, LLC

Curran Renewable Energy is a premium wood pellet manufacturer in Massena, NY. Curran Renewable Energy has an annual capacity of 120,000 US tons. Curran Renewable Energy receives its feedstock from its sister logging company, Seaway Timber Harvesting, Inc. Curran Renewable Energy is Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified, Pellet Fuels Institute (PFI) graded Premium, and EN Plus A1 certified.

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Berde-Kaway Agriventures Corporation

Bede-Kaway producing and supplying sustainable biomass briquettes and pellets across the Philippines. We use rice husk, coconut husk and napier grass as raw materials. In development is the use of rice straw, corn stems and seaweed, and other agri wastes and crops.

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Commercial Energy Ltd.

We are a small team experienced in dealing in fuel quality specification and trade. We are based in the US, UK and EU. Connection: We connect companies at either end of the supply chain. Our reputation in the biomass industry, and extensive senior contacts, means that we become aware of supply opportunities early on, and are able to help establish long term relationships with suitable suppliers. Specification: We understand fuel quality and specification. We can effectively communicate clients’ requirements, and ensure that suppliers are not misrepresented. Negotiation: We have experience negotiating the commercials of a transaction on behalf of the counterparties. We can get agreement on key commercial principles before introducing the parties (e.g. payment method, incoterms etc.), or just help to facilitate discussions.

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Enviva is the world’s largest producer of industrial wood pellets, a renewable and sustainable energy source used to generate electricity and heat. Enviva owns and operates wood pellet processing plants and deep-water export terminals in the U.S. Southeast. We export our pellets to power plants in the United Kingdom, Europe and Japan that previously were fueled by coal, enabling them to reduce their lifetime carbon footprint by more than 85 percent. We make our pellets using sustainable practices that protect Southern forests and employ about 1,200 people and support many other businesses in the U.S. Southeast.

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Manchester Wood Pellets LLC

Manchester Wood Pellets LLC, located in the heart of Connecticut, is a beacon of quality in the hardwood pellet industry. Operating as a round-log mill, we specialize in crafting premium barbecue pellets for the burgeoning pellet grill market. In addition to our barbecue pellets, we also produce high-BTU, ultra-low ash content heating pellets for the New England pellet stove market. Our commitment to excellence ensures that every pellet we produce meets the highest standards of quality and performance.

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