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Clextral, Inc.

Clextral's extrusion systems perform pretreatment of lignocellulosic biomass (from wood, agricultural waste, and other plants) for the production of second generation biofuels, as well as pulp treatment for filter, fiduciary paper and packaging.

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Applied Biorefinery Sciences

Applied Biorefinery Sciences (ABS) is developing commercial biorefineries using our Hot Water Extraction (HWE) technology. We expect to license and/or build HWE biorefineries for the manufacture of water resistant wood pellets, as the core of cellulosic ethanol plants, and as a pretreatment before pulp mills. We expect our pellets to be storable outdoors, have reduced ash content and high ash fusion temperatures, improved energy density, and costs competitive with white pellets on a $/GJ basis. ABS also provides technical support services.

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