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Associated Carbon Technologies Inc.

Developers of product recoveries from pyrolysis of waste cellulosic biomass and applications of biochars

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CHAR Technologies

Our HTP Technology converts challenging organic waste streams like manure, sludge, wood waste, biosolids, digestate, and others into three renewable and valuable outputs – heat, energy and biocarbon.

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Advanced Organic Methods LLC

Advanced Organic Methods LLC has been doing biomass thermal conversion since 2011. AOM offers Steam Wood Reforming (tm), an integrated process train converting woody biomass into tar-free fuel gas and char by torrefaction and pyrolysis, and then steam activating the char with production of syngas at line pressure. The syngas is shift reacted and separated into pressurized hydrogen by PSA, pressurized carbon dioxide by amine absorption/desorption, and tail gas. The tail gas and fuel gas fuel a power island generating more than enough electric power for all plant and process needs. SWR (tm) can be executed by retrofitting an existing biomass power plant or as a new plant, with three valuable products in addition to electric power.

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HMG Services Inc.


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Pacific Biochar

We work with biomass power plants to manufacture biochar and increase their profitability. This is especially well suited for any facility currently screening and reinjecting carbon as fuel. We can make the carbon worth more in the soil than it is in the furnace, and we can make it easy. We design, finance, and install necessary upgrades. We provide full offtake for the biochar produced, managing logistics, registrations, reporting, and liabilities. After a feasibility assessment, if feasible, we'll draft an agreement, and can have operations commenced in as little as 6 months.

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