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Yilkins Drying Solutions B.V.

Yilkins is an innovative, renewable technology company dedicated to the valorization of biomass residues towards renewable energy and high value industrial and chemical products. Yilkins’ technology platform offers solutions for drying, torrefaction, separation, cooling and cleaning of residue streams . High carbon containing products like biochar and coal replacements for the steel industry can be produced besides dried or torrefied feedstock for gasification and the subsequent synthesis of liquid biofuels (SAF, Biodiesel) and industrial bio-based chemicals. . A wide variety of biomass residues and organic waste material can be used as input to the Yilkins process (including herbaceous, agricultural biomass and sludges).

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Advanced Torrefaction Systems, LLC

ATS has developed and patented catalytic oxidation technology to address the biggest problem inhibiting commercial-scale torrefaction----handling of the volatile gases produced in the torrefaction process and effective use of the energy created by combustion of those gases. ATS TorreCat™ Catalytic Oxidation Technology (which can be applied to any type of torrefaction reactor) provides a system to safely and effectively combust those volatile torrefaction gases and, in the process, generate large volumes of essentially inert gas for use throughout the torrefaction system. Use of inert gas is the key to successful torrefaction. ATS TorreCat™ Catalytic Oxidation Technology finally opens the door to commercial-scale torrefaction.

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Biomass Secure Power Inc.

Biomass Secure Power Inc. (BSP) has a number of patents for the processing of biomass into torrefied product (Biocoal). We are about to commence construction of our first plant. Line one will produce 100,000 tonnes of Biocoal per year. Once line one is commissioned we will add four additional lines taking product to 500,000 tonnes, phase three will take production to one million tonnes.

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Carrier Process Equipment Group, Inc. (CPEG)

The CPEG family of brands includes Carrier Vibrating Equipment, Heyl Patterson Thermal Processing, S. Howes, and Sly. CPEG provides the following, all under one roof:• Comprehensive line of process equipment from four separate companies• 500+ years of combined experience in equipment design, engineering and manufacturing• State-of-the-art testing lab to simulate scaled field operation with multiple pieces of equipment for multistep and multistage testing along with full analysis of material characteristics and measurements of material behavior in specific processing applications

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Surface Combustion, Inc.

Surface Combustion provides a single source for atmosphere and vacuum heat treatment furaces for the global manufacturing company. We efficiently generate standard and custom heat treatment solutions that are low maintenance, rugged, and reliable. Our extensive knowledge, solid reputation, and excellent support system create a natural fit as a superior business partner dedicated to attaining your short and long-term manufacturing goals.

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