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Aequor’s drop in treatment has 3-in-1 benefits for biomass producers: eliminate microorganisms without the need for biocides or antibiotics, clean the system, and increase biomass by up to 40 percent. For algae cultivators, it protects the crop from predators, extending the harvest time. DOE and multinationals validated overall savings in energy, emissions, water, labor, biostimulants and decontamination methods. Aequor’s treatments also work in combination with current remedies, “potentiating” them to work at 1/10 the dose used. All treatments are EPA/TSCA approved non-toxic and green, inexpensive, and available in commercial quantities. Aequor provides custom product formulation, monthly testing and optimization for your size system.

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Hydrite® provides solutions that help solve anaerobic digestion process and performance challenges. Hydrite offers pH control, odor prevention, foam control, and water treatment chemistries, and a variety of innovative products that help with solids digestion, FOG removal, pathogen suppression and microbial control, sulfide (H2S) prevention, sludge reduction, and cold temperature issues. Contact Us Today!

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