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Symbiont, A Mead & Hunt Company

Doug Tholo

Energy Project Developer


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Symbiont, A Mead & Hunt Company

Symbiont, a Mead & Hunt company, plans, designs, and constructs turnkey engineered solutions that bring you value, advance your operations, and reduce greenhouse gases while producing renewable energy. As a full-service EPC firm, our core business includes waste-to-energy, landfill gas (LFG) to renewable natural gas, LFG to electricity, construction, manufacturing, wastewater treatment, and environmental projects. Our team, combined with Mead & Hunt, includes engineers, construction project managers, architects, planners, hydrogeologists, environmental compliance specialists, GIS analysts, and technicians. Our innovative design principles and specialized technologies optimize sustainability goals to enhance communities and the world

6737 W. Washinton Ave.

Suite 3440

Milwaukee, WI 53214


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