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Zuccato Energy Inc.

We transform unused and wasted power into clean electricity thus monitizing waste. Zuccato Energy designs and manufactures ORC (Organic Rankine Cycle) systems to transform the heat generated by industrial processes, motors and renewable sources into clean electricity with high efficiency. Zuccato Energy ORC systems have found several applications in combination with a wide range of overheated water generation systems based on biomass combustion. These systems operate one or more ORC modules using overheated water coming from a fixed- or mobile-grate boiler burning automatically-fed wooden biomass chips derived from sawmills, woodworking industry or the pruning of state or municipal woods. Our Zuccato ORC biomass application have been successful in utilzing manure as fuel stock in a special boiler, producing overheated water which is fed to an ORC system to produce clean electric power. Zuccato Energy biomass plants are reliable, compact and affordable that monetizing waste, simplifying waste disposal, and paying for themselves in a few years.

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Bloomfield, NJ 07003

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  • Process Equipment & Services - Organic Rankie Cycle
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