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Biomass Power Would Benefit Florida's Economy
Posted August 13, 2010



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ACE speakers answer Big Oil, ethanol critics

At this year's American Coalition for Ethanol Conference & Trade Show, two speakers gave particularly strong arguments for chipping away at the power and monopoly of Big Oil. It just so happens that Anne Korin, co-author of "Turning Oil into Salt", and Marc Rauch, executive vice president and co-publisher of The Auto Channel, have polar opposite ideas on how to accomplish that.READ MORE

Ceres expands operations to Brazil

Energy crop seed developer Ceres Inc. has formed a Brazilian subsidiary to focus on expanding sweet sorghum as an ethanol feedstock in that region. Ceres Sementes do Brasil Ltda. will be based in Sao Paulo and will be led temporarily by Ceres Chief Financial Officer Paul Kuc. According to Richard Hamilton, Ceres president and CEO, sweet sorghum offers the Brazilian ethanol industry opportunity for growth and increased profitability.READ MORE

Biorefining in Boston

The Northeast Biomass Conference & Expo in Boston Aug. 4-6 featured an afternoon of biorefining panels that covered biomass conversion approaches and feedstock challenges. The first panel, "Cutting-Edge Conversion Approaches: Breakthroughs in Biorefining," was comprised of executives of leading biorefining-and in one case, petro-plastic recycling-companies.READ MORE

MGT signs MOU for biomass supply

U.K.-based MGT Power Ltd has begun securing a feedstock supply for its 300-megawatt Tees Renewable Energy Plant, signing a non-binding, long-term memorandum of understanding with Brazilian pulp and paper producer Suzano e Celulose S.A. The two companies are working toward developing a formal contract for the agreement, but MGT declined to release information on how long Suzano will supply pellets for the facility and the amount it will supply.READ MORE

WA paper mill to install biomass boiler

Nippon Paper Industries USA in Port Angeles, Wash., will replace its existing biomass/oil boiler with a more efficient biomass boiler that will supply steam for the paper mill and 20 megawatts of power for the local grid. The mill has a $71 million budget for the project and plans to apply for federal funding after completing the permitting process, according to mill manager Harold Norlund.READ MORE

Biochar research yields significant results

Although it will not solve climate change entirely, biochar has the potential to mitigate up to a tenth of current greenhouse gas emissions, according to a new study. The extensive research paper, which has been in the works for several years, centered on the carbon sequestration capabilities of biochar was published this week in Nature Communication, and co-author James Amonette hopes it will have great influence on those in the scientific community who doubt biochar's climate mitigation potential.READ MORE