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Brazil's capacity to expand farm acres huge
Posted August 21, 2008



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Byogy Renewables licenses technology

Byogy Renewables Inc. has licensed technology from Texas A&M University to convert biomass directly into high-octane gasoline. The technology was developed by researchers with the Texas Engineering Experiment Station.READ MORE

Kentucky trash-to-gas facility moves forward

Converting trash to gas could become one of the key methods of cellulosic ethanol production for 2009. Several companies are beginning to ramp up their efforts to produce ethanol from municipal solid waste on a commercial scale. One of those companies is Indianapolis-based Agresti Biofuels, formerly called Indiana Ethanol Power LLC.READ MORE

Nexterra technology ready for commercial use

After two years of testing its biomass gasification technology, Nexterra Energy Corp. has announced that synthesis gas produced by its proprietary gasification technology has the ability to displace at least 60 percent of fossil fuels used in lime kilns or furnaces. The results were achieved at the company's product development center in Kamloops, British Columbia.READ MORE

MaxWest receives $10 million investment

MaxWest Environmental Systems Inc., a designer, builder and operator of waste-to-energy gasification systems, has received a $10 million private investment from Leaf Clean Energy Co. "This investment in MaxWest further balances Leaf's portfolio with unique waste-to-energy technologies and capital project opportunities," said Leaf Clean Energy Chairman Peter Tom.READ MORE

Diversified Energy receives DOE funding

Gilbert, Ariz.-based Diversified Energy Corp. has received $945,000 of additional funding from the U.S. DOE's Small Business Innovation Research Program to advance its proprietary HydroMax gasification technology. Diversified Energy received the Phase II funding after a competitive solicitation from the DOE's National Energy Technology Laboratory and successful completion of its 24-month Phase I development project.READ MORE

Canadian biofuels fund solicits applications

Sustainable Development Technology Canada has announced that its $500 million NextGen Biofuels Fund is accepting applications for demonstration-scale facilities producing next-generation fuels.READ MORE

Florida Syngas receives grant to research glycerin

Florida Syngas LLC has been awarded $3,000 through the state's Phase Zero program to create a Phase I USDA Small Business Innovation Research Program proposal. Florida Syngas has developed and patented a technology that converts glycerin from biodiesel production into a clean-burning synthesis gas.READ MORE

Biogas powers amusement park ride

Horsepower is taking a backseat to cow power at the California State Fair in Sacramento, Calif. State utility power company Pacific Gas & Electric and Bakersfield, Calif.-based biogas producer BioEnergy Solutions are partnering to power the children's "Barnyard Animal Train" ride with renewable biogas produced from cow manure.READ MORE

Louisiana company to produce biomass briquettes

Raceland Raw Sugars Corp., a producer of sugar, molasses, and syrup in Raceland, La., has received $1.48 million in funding from a federal energy appropriations bill to build a facility that will create biomass briquettes from sugarcane bagasse.READ MORE

Thune holds forest waste hearing

U.S. Sen. John Thune, R-S.D., chairman of the Senate Agriculture Committee's Energy Subcommittee, held a public hearing in Rapid City, S.D., on Aug. 18 to discuss the woody biomass located in the Black Hills National Forest and why it's not currently allowed to be used as a feedstock for cellulosic ethanol projects.READ MORE