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Looking for a biomass renaissance
Posted December 4, 2008



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Bioplastic, bioenergy center opens in Waterloo, Iowa

In February, the first tenant is expected to move into a new bioplastics business incubator in Waterloo, Iowa, and bioplastics developer MCG BioComposites LLC is looking for more interested businesses. Sponsored by the Greater Cedar Valley Alliance, Cedar Valley TechWorks will be developed as a regional center for the development of bioproducts and bioenergy industries.READ MORE

Great Lakes Biogas receives technology license

Georgia-based Great Lakes Biogas Technologies has entered into an agreement with Canada-based Zero Waste Biogas Systems Inc. to market its waste compaction technology. The Revolution Compactor will now be exclusively licensed to Great Lakes Biogas Technologies, which will globally market the technology.READ MORE

Biomass demand boosts U.K. woodland values

The value of forestry land in the United Kingdom has more than doubled in the past five years and land values remain strong, due in part to a growing biomass market. Those findings are included in "The 2008/09 Forest Market Report" published by UPM Tilhill, a U.K. forestry, woodland management, timber harvesting and landscape construction company, and Savills, a U.K. real estate service provider.READ MORE

NRG Energy to add biomass at Connecticut facility

Princeton, N.J.-based power generation company NRG Energy Inc. intends to integrate biomass as a fuel source into its existing Montville Generating Station in Uncasville, Conn. The addition of biomass would fuel approximately 30 megawatts of the unit's 82-megawatt electrical generating capacity.READ MORE

U.K. facility to recycle, compost, generate biogas

A project to maximize the recycling of household waste in the United Kingdom has contracted with Kirk Environmental Ltd. to build two anaerobic digesters. The biogas projects in Lancashire County will reduce landfill needs by treating household waste in anaerobic digesters to produce biogas for electrical generation.READ MORE

Museum to feature biomass gasifier in energy center

The 74-acre, 300,000-square-foot Museum of Science and Industry in Tampa, Fla., is planning to build a new hands-on educational exhibit about energy that will be built around a proposed six-megawatt biomass gasification plant to provide power for the museum.READ MORE

ORNL report details CHP benefits

Tennessee-based Oak Ridge National Laboratory, in conjunction with U.S. DOE's Industrial Technologies Program, has released a report detailing potential benefits from increased U.S. proliferation of combined-heat-and-power, also referred to as cogeneration. The report, titled "Combined Heat and Power: Effective Energy Solutions for a Sustainable Future," also sets the stage for future policy dialogue aimed at promoting this clean energy solution.READ MORE

Company to build cogeneration facility in California

Virtual Media Holdings Inc. announced Dec. 2 that the company's biomass co-generation power system has been approved by the California South Coast Air Quality Management District. Details of the California cogeneration facility will not be released until the project is finalized, which the company estimated will be in March.READ MORE