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Studies Should Prompt Development of Forest Plantations
Posted July 9, 2009



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Companies partner for MSW-to-ethanol testing

Municipal-solid-waste-to-energy technology company CleanTech Biofuels Inc. announced a deal with waste-fiber-to-fuel company Fiberight LLC, where CleanTech will supply Fiberight with approximately 2,000 pounds of feedstock for ethanol conversion research/testingREAD MORE

USDA releases report on use of manure for energy

Manure can be used to produce energy on commercial and on-farm scales without competing with the supply needed for fertilizer, but the economics might not be beneficial to all farmers, according to a report that the USDA produced for Congress titled ‘Manure Use for Fertilizer and for Energy.'READ MORE

EU approves BP, DuPont biobutanol venture

The European Commission announced it has approved the proposed creation of a biobutanol production technology joint venture between BP plc. subsidiary BP Biofuels and U.S. chemical manufacturer DuPont, resulting in a dual takeover of U.S. company Biobutanol LLC.READ MORE

California tribe to make biodiesel from waste oil

The Pauma Band of Mission Indians in Pauma Valley, Calif., will soon utilize waste cooking oil to produce biodiesel for use within the tribal community. Pacific Natural Energy is providing the federally recognized tribe with a modular "Bio-box" biodiesel unit, to process approximately 1 MMgy of biodiesel.READ MORE

EPA extends RFS2 comment period

In response to several requests presented to the U.S. EPA, the agency has decided to extend the comment period by 60 days on its proposed rule for the implementation of the second stage of the renewable fuel standard. The comment period, originally scheduled to end July 27, will now end on Sept. 25.READ MORE

NASA, Seambiotic partner in algae project

Israel's Seambiotic Ltd., in Ashkelon, started in 2003 to "grow and process marine microalgae for the nutraceutical and biofuels industries." The company uses carbon dioxide emissions from power smokestacks for cultivation, and recently entered into an agreement with NASA Glenn Research Center to "develop an ongoing collaborative [research and development] for optimization of open-pond microalgae growth processes."READ MORE

Biomass pile fire causes little damage

A fire on a six-acre hog fuel pile on July 4 at the Biomass One power plant in White City, Ore., caused only minimal damage, but high winds during the fire did cause some concerns.The damage is hard to quantify on such a large pile, according to plant general manager John Bremerman, but was confined to just one side and didn't spread to the rest of the pile.READ MORE

Biomass robot project progresses

Cyclone Power Technologies Inc. has completed the first stage of a project with Robotic Technology Inc. to develop a beta biomass engine to power its Energetically Autonomous Tactical Robot, a vehicle that will be capable of self-obtaining and ingesting biomass to produce energy to power itself.READ MORE