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Biofuels on the Fast Track
Posted February 5, 2010



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Novozymes, Fiberight to make biofuel from paper

Novozymes Inc., has partnered with Fiberight LLC, to produce advanced biofuel made from government office waste paper and cardboard. The companies unveiled the new fuel at the 2010 Washington Auto Show held Jan. 27-31. For the show, the "transhanol," as CEO of Fiberight Craig Stuart-Paul calls it, was used in two demonstration vehicles. A flex-fuel Ford F-150 and a Chevrolet HHR were both available in a Ride 'n Drive event allowing government VIPs and media officials to test drive the E85 waste-powered cars.READ MORE

Biomass project proposed in Milwaukee

Project Apollo, a 25-megawatt biomass power plant to be built in Milwaukee, Wis., should be operational in late 2013, producing enough electricity to power 20,000 homes in the Milwaukee area, according to developer Alliance Federated Energy. AFE plans to use Westinghouse Plasma Corp.'s plasma gasification technology to convert municipal and industrial wastes into syngas for energy.READ MORE

Paper company proposes biomass plant

Longview, Wash., might be the new home for a 65-megawatt biomass power plant that would run on 38,000 bone-dry tons of mill, forest and urban waste wood per month, according to Sarah Taydas, corporate communications manager for Longview Fibre Paper and Packaging, Inc., the company proposing the plant.READ MORE

Study: Federal RES would create thousands of jobs

A federal renewable electricity standard of 25 percent by 2025 would create about 274,000 more renewable energy jobs and a cumulative 2.36 million job years of work by 2025 compared with no national policy, according to a recently released study commissioned by RES-Alliance for Jobs. A federal RES would impact biomass, solar, hydro and wind power. "As tax credits expire, some of these industries will see job loss," said Jay V. Paidipati, managing consultant for energy for Navigant Consulting Inc., which conducted the study. Therefore, a stable policy that looks at the long-term as well as the current is necessaryREAD MORE

Mobile bio-oil system processes wastes

The Modular Bio-Oil Plant, manufactured by Three Seconds to Oil LLC, can process about 25 dry tons of biomass every day and can produce about 1 million gallons of oil per year, along with 1,400 tons of char. The market for the system is waste producers such as equine, swine and bovine operations, green waste producers such as road right of way maintainers, invasive tree and brush control and disaster cleanup organizations.READ MORE

New alliance announces first biomass project

The first project in a new alliance between John Deere and Adage-a joint venture formed by Areva and Duke Energy-will be a 55-megawatt biomass power plant in Mason County, Wash.READ MORE

RFS2 reduces 2010 cellulosic ethanol requirement

The new requirement for cellulosic biofuel production in 2010 is reduced to 6.5 million ethanol--equivalent gallons in the renewable fuels standard (RFS2), down significantly from the 100 million gallons established in RFS1, included in the Energy Policy Act of 2005. The U.S. EPA released final RFS2 rules Feb. 3 as media outlets, producers and others scrambled to find out how it will affect their industries.READ MORE

Obama takes steps to boost biofuels

The biofuels and biomass industries received nothing but good news Feb. 3, with the release of the long-awaited renewable fuel standard (RFS2) final rule, the first report generated by President Barack Obama's Biofuel Interagency Working Group, and the Biomass Crop Assistance Program proposed rule.READ MORE