Biomass Power List

United States



Plant Count: 120

LocationFeedstockCapacity (MW)

Total: 4,164.7

Agrilectric Power Partners, Ltd.LAWaste Stream12
Bay Front Generating StationWIWoody Biomass56
Biomass OneORWoody Biomass30
Bridgewater Power LPNHWoody Biomass20
Brooksville Power PlantFLWoody Biomass80
Cadillac Renewable EnergyMIWoody Biomass39.6
City of Spokane Waste to Energy FacilityWAWaste Stream22
Collins Pine Co. Power PlantCAWoody Biomass12
Covanta AlexandriaVAWaste Stream23
Covanta BabylonNYWaste Stream17
Covanta CamdenNJWaste Stream21
Covanta DadeFLWaste Stream77
Covanta Delaware ValleyPAWaste Stream87
Covanta EssexNJWaste Stream65
Covanta FairfaxVAWaste Stream93
Covanta HarrisburgPAWaste Stream21
Covanta HaverhillMAWaste Stream45
Covanta HempsteadNYWaste Stream72
Covanta HillsboroughFLWaste Stream47
Covanta HonoluluHIWaste Stream90
Covanta HuntingtonNYWaste Stream24
Covanta LakeFLWaste Stream15
Covanta LancasterPAWaste Stream33
Covanta LeeFLWaste Stream57
Covanta Long BeachCAWaste Stream36
Covanta MacArthurNYWaste Stream12
Covanta MarionORWaste Stream13
Covanta MontgomeryMDWaste Stream63
Covanta NiagaraNYWaste Stream50
Covanta OnondagaNYWaste Stream39
Covanta Palm Beach Renewable Energy #1FLWaste Stream62
Covanta Palm Beach Renewable Energy #2FLWaste Stream95
Covanta PascoFLWaste Stream30
Covanta PinellasFLWaste Stream75
Covanta PlymouthPAWaste Stream32
Covanta SECONNCTWaste Stream17
Covanta SEMASSMAWaste Stream78
Covanta StanislausCAWaste Stream22
Covanta TulsaOKWaste Stream17
Covanta UnionNJWaste Stream42
Covanta YorkPAWaste Stream42
Cox Waste-to-EnergyKYWoody Biomass5
Craven County Wood EnergyNCWoody Biomass48
Deerhaven Renewable Generating StationFLWoody Biomass102.5
Desert View PowerCAWoody Biomass45
DG Fairhaven PowerCAWoody Biomass18
Dillard Complex Cogeneration PlantORAg51.5
Douglas County Forest ProductsORWoody Biomass6
Eagle Valley Clean EnergyCOWoody Biomass12
Ecomaine Waste-to-Energy PlantMEWaste Stream15
Evergreen BiopowerORWoody Biomass10
French Island Generating StationWIWaste Stream29
Genesee Power Station LPMIWaste Stream40
Grayling Generating StationMIWaste Stream38
Hennepin Energy Recovery CenterMNWaste Stream40
Honey Lake PowerCAWoody Biomass30
Kapstone Kraft Paper Corp.-LongviewWAWaste Stream25
Kent County Waste to EnergyMIWaste Stream17
Kettle Falls Generating StationWAWoody Biomass53.4
Koda Energy LLCMNSoftwood23.4
Madison Energy Group LLCCT
McKay Bay Refuse-to-Energy PlantFLWaste Stream22
Merced PowerCAWoody Biomass12.5
M.L. Hibbard Energy CenterMNWoody Biomass72.8
Mount Lassen PowerCAWoody Biomass11.5
Mt. Poso Cogeneration Co. LLCCAWoody Biomass44
Multitrade Rabun GapGAWoody Biomass18
National Energy-LincolnMIWaste Stream18
National Energy-McBainMIWaste Stream18
NE Renewable Power BethlehemNHWoody Biomass20
NE Renewable Power FitchburgMAWoody Biomass17
NE Renewable Power JonesboroMEWoody Biomass24.5
NE Renewable Power SpringfieldNHWoody Biomass19
NE Renewable Power TamworthNHWoody Biomass20
NE Renewable Power WhitefieldNHWoody Biomass15
Novo BioPower LLCAZWoody Biomass27
Okeelanta Biomass Cogeneration (Producer)FLSoftwood140
Oswego Energy Recovery FacilityNYWaste Stream3.6
Pacific Ultrapower Chinese StationCAWoody Biomass20
Penobscot Energy RecoveryMEWaste Stream25
Piedmont Green PowerGAWoody Biomass55
Plummer CogenIDWoody Biomass6
Rapids Energy CenterMNWoody Biomass28.6
Red Wing Generating StationMNWaste Stream22
ReEnergy StrattonMEWoody Biomass48
Rio Bravo FresnoCAWoody Biomass24.3
Rio Bravo RocklinCAWoody Biomass24.4
Roseburg Forest Products BiomassOROther13
Ryegate Biomass PlantVTWoody Biomass20
Savannah River Site Biomass Cogeneration FacilitySC20
Shasta-Sustainable Resource ManagementCAWoody Biomass56
SPI-Aberdeen Biomass PowerWAWoody Biomass18
SPI-Anderson Biomass PowerCAWoody Biomass30
SPI-Burlington Biomass PowerWAWoody Biomass28
SPI-Burney Biomass PowerCAWoody Biomass20
SPI-EugeneORWoody Biomass18.8
SPI-Lincoln Biomass PowerCAWoody Biomass18
SPI-Quincy Biomass PowerCAWoody Biomass35.2
SPI-Sonora Biomass PowerCAWoody Biomass10.9
Stoltze Cogeneration Power PlantMTWoody Biomass3
St. Paul Cogeneration LLCMNWoody Biomass25
Taylor Biomass Energy, LLCNY
U.S. Sugar Corp. Cogeneration PlantFLWaste Stream50
Wadham Energy LPCASoftwood26.5
Wheelabrator BaltimoreMDWaste Stream64.5
Wheelabrator BridgeportCTWaste Stream67
Wheelabrator ConcordNHWaste Stream14
Wheelabrator Dutchess CountyNYWaste Stream9.2
Wheelabrator FallsPAWaste Stream53
Wheelabrator GloucesterNJWaste Stream14
Wheelabrator Hudson FallsNYWaste Stream14
Wheelabrator LisbonCTWaste Stream15
Wheelabrator MillburyMAWaste Stream48
Wheelabrator North AndoverMAWaste Stream40
Wheelabrator PortsmouthVAWaste Stream60
Wheelabrator SaugusMAWaste Stream54
Wheelabrator South BrowardFLWaste Stream66
Wheelabrator Westchester LPNYWaste Stream60
Wilmarth Generating StationMNWaste Stream20
Woodland Biomass PowerCAWoody Biomass25
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