Sundog Energy installs biomass boiler at 17th century farm

By Chris Hanson | March 24, 2014

Sundog Energy has installed a 24-kW biomass boiler at Glencoyne Farm, a portion of which dates to 1629, in the western U.K.

A Palazzetti CT24 biomass boiler, which replaced an aging oil-fired boiler, is stored with its storage hopper are located within the farm’s wash-house and incorporated with the existing chimney to minimize the visual impact of the site.  The CT24 operates at 90.72 percent efficiency and is able to store 143 pounds of within its fuel hopper.

“We feel very privileged to live and farm in this wonderful piece of the Lake District and we try to do this in as environmentally sensitive way as we can,” said farmers Sam and Candida Hodgson. “That challenge isn’t confined to how we manage the land and our livestock but also how we heat and power the farm buildings. Our new biomass heating system has made a huge improvement and we are delighted with it.”