BTEC webinar mini-series to examine regional biomass heat

By Anna Austin | October 12, 2011

As winter nears, beating the cold is on the minds of many U.S. homeowners. To help homeowners make informed decisions, the Biomass Thermal Energy Council will present the first installment of a three-part webinar mini-series that will examine biomass heating in different regions of the country. Biomass is a renewable, cheap and local fuel option, but heating needs and challenges vary from one region to another.

The first webinar, “Regional Perspectives on Biomass: The Northeast,” will be held on Oct. 19 at 1 p.m. ET. It will provide a current overview of biomass heating in the Northeast, discuss barriers and opportunities for market development, and examine successful policies that promote biomass use.

Webinar speakers include William Strauss, president of FutureMetrics, Scott Nichols, president of Tarm USA, Neil Veilleux, a project consultant with Meister Consultants Group, and Joseph Seymour, acting executive director of the BTEC.

The webinar is free and advanced registration is required. To register, visit

The webinar marks the 10th in a 14-part series hosted by BTEC, supported by the Northeast Biomass Thermal Working Group and funded in part by the U.S. Forest Service's Wood Education and Resource Center.