Estover Energy plans development of 2 biomass CHP plants

By Erin Voegele | October 02, 2012

U.K.-based Estover Energy Ltd. has announced plans to develop two biomass-powered combined-heat-and-power (CHP) plants. The company recently submitted a planning application to the Northumberland County Council to install a biomass CHP plant at Windmill Industrial Estate near Cramlington, England. The facility will provide heat and power to Aesica Pharmaceuticals, and supply excess power to the grid. Estover Energy has also submitted a planning application to the Aberdeen City Council to install a biomass CHP plant at Stoneywood Mill near Aberdeen, Scotland. The plant will provide heat and power to the Stoneywood Paper Mill.  

According to Estover Energy, the Cramlington plant will have a power generation capacity of up to 25 MW. The facility will utilize low-grade wood that is unsuitable for sawmills and timber production as feedstock. The woody biomass will be sourced locally from a consortium of forestry owners.  Estover Energy intends to source all feedstock from within 60 miles of the plant.

A public exhibition was held earlier this year in order to give local residents a chance to learn more about the project. Andrew Troup, Estover Energy’s project development director, said that public consultations such as these are important in terms of identifying issues that are of concern to the local community. “The response from the public was overwhelmingly positive,” he continued. “People are keen to ensure the existing 150 jobs at Aesica are supported and also welcomed the creation of 40 new jobs at the plant, in forestry and in transport.”

Two public exhibitions were also held earlier this year with regard to the Stoneywood plant. According to Troup, the public response to this project was also overwhelmingly positive. The biomass CHP plant under development at Stoneywood will also use locally sourced low-grade woody biomass as feedstock.