Metso to supply biomass heating plant in Finland

By Anna Simet | August 20, 2013

Metso announced it will be the supplier of a biomass plant for hot water district heating to energy company Elenia Lämpö in Turenki, Finland.

The 10 MW plant will be fired on locally sourced biomass such as forest residue, and potentially peat. It will utilize Metso’s advanced BioGrate combustion technology, which the company said enables a wide selection of fuels, low internal consumption and highly flexible adjustability.

BioGrate is a rotating grate with a conical primary combustion chamber. The fuel input can range from 4 to 20 MW, according to Metso, and is fed from underneath to the center of the grate. Fuel dries in the middle of the grate by the heat radiating from the refractory lining bricks and by the flames without disturbing the burning fuel bed in the combustion zone. After the near-complete combustion of the residual carbon, the ash falls from the edge of the grate to the ash space filled with quenching water.

Metso's turnkey delivery will include process equipment, buildings and installation work.  

The plant is scheduled to go on line in early 2014.