German Pellets Texas facility achieves ENplus certification

By German Pellets | December 03, 2013

German Pellets’ facility in Woodville, Texas, has received ENplus certification. This certification confirms the high quality of product from the facility that only commenced its operations this summer. German Pellets thereby secures a high level of security of supply for its customers in Europe, with wood pellets of high caliber. Simultaneously the company’s import of ENplus pellets strengthens its selling position on European markets.

The ENplus seal of merit attests that the wood pellets produced in the US facility in Woodville match the highly-challenging European product expectations. "Thus our customers receive quality at the highest level", says German Pellets spokeswoman Claudia Röhr. ENplus is a certificate acknowledged throughout Europe, awarding distinction to companies producing and marketing high-value fuels. Alongside defined physical and chemical characteristics that make flawless heating operation possible, for ENplus-certified pellets the provenance and transport channels are recorded on a complete and transparent basis.

The Woodville facility has an annual capacity of 578,000 tonnes of wood pellets and can supply industrial and other business customers, as well as the private market, with wood pellets for producing electricity and heating. For the German Pellets Group, the market emphasis – apart from Germany – is on Italy, Austria, Denmark and Belgium.

The demand for wood pellets is growing in all segments. Each year, around 60,000 pellet heating units and around 300,000 pellet stoves are newly installed in Europe. Volume of demand is great, in particular, in the context of conversion of heat-and-power plants. "The

U.S. quantities contribute to the supply of wood pellets for the electricity and heating markets in Europe, on a competitive and high-quality basis at all times", Claudia Röhr notes. The wood pellets from Woodville are shipped to Europe via Port Arthur (Texas).

The ENplus seal of merit is awarded by the European Pellet Council in Brussels, thereby implementing the European norm for wood pellets (EN 14961-2). The facility in Woodville has been given the ENplus ID-number US 005.