Renewable Natural Gas and the Need for Clean Domestic Energy

July 29, 2022

BY Lesley Dalton



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EnviTec Biogas USA unveils 2 gas upgrading projects

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By Envitec Biogas

17 hours ago


Germany-based EnviTec Biogas has successfully completed two more biogas projects in the U.S. in Cassville, New York and Ellington, Connecticut. The two plants were planned, designed, and constructed by its subsidiary, EnviTec Biogas USA Inc.

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The Coalition for Renewable Natural Gas (RNG Coalition) is continuing its efforts ensure Renewable Fuel Standard regulations do not undermine the ability of biogas-based fuels to help lower the carbon intensity of the U.S. transportation sector.

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Clean Energy Fuels Corp. and Maas Energy Works on May 14 announced a new joint development agreement to build nine renewable natural gas (RNG) production facilities at dairy farms across seven states.

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bp has outlined three steps the U.S. should take to boost RNG production, including fixing Treasury’s proposed biogas ITC guidance, opening a new pathway for RNG to power electric vehicles, and incentivizing the use of RNG for low-carbon hydrogen.

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Gevo Inc. released Q1 results on May 2, reporting that the company’s RNG project operated at approximately 89% of capacity during the quarter and that efforts continue to secure a DOE loan guarantee for the company’s proposed SAF project.

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