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AFS Energy Systems

AFS Energy Systems is a leader in renewable energy systems. AFS provides turnkey design/build energy solutions for businesses across North America. AFS products include biomass energy systems, direct fired green sawdust burners, dust collection systems, fuel storage systems, material handling systems, regenerative thermal oxidizers & heat exchangers and engineering services. All systems are fabricated at our facilities in Lemoyne, Pennsylvania and installed by our field installation team.

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Caluwe, Inc.

Caluwe Inc. is one of America’s preeminent designers and builders of advanced biomass heating installations. With over fifteen years of experience and over 350 projects nationwide, Caluwe will provide turnkey solutions to your most challenging heat and combined heat and power (CHP) energy needs. We carry a full range of modern biomass heating and combined heat and power technology to meet residential, institutional, commercial, and industrial needs for heat energy from renewable and low carbon woody biomass fuels. Fuels: wood pellets, wood chips and cord wood. Importer for Windhager, Heizomat, Lasco and Spanner RE2.

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Detroit Stoker Co.

Detroit Stoker Company is the leading global designer and supplier of solid fuel grate combustion systems for utilizing a wide range of renewable energy fuel sources for heating, industrial steam processing, and electric power generation. Detroit® gas/oil fired burner systems are also available, including ultra-low emissions applications.

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Jansen Combustion and Boiler Technologies, Inc.

JANSEN's team of engineering professionals has established a reputation for unmatched technical expertise in providing customized engineered solutions to upgrade existing biomass, chemical recovery, and energy-from-waste boilers for improved performance, fuel burning capacity, emissions, and economy. Flexible and responsive to client needs, JANSEN's problem solving skills and customized approach are respected throughout plants worldwide.

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Nooter/Eriksen, Inc.

WTE (Waste to Energy) and Biomass Boilers Nooter/Eriksen custom designs every grate boiler to optimize performance, efficiency and your unique plant layout requirements. We strive to understand your grate boiler needs and provide a solution that works for you. From the smallest to the largest installations, our natural circulation designs are available in Horizontal or Vertical layouts in capacities up to 150t/h (331 kpph), with steam temperatures from saturated to 565°C (1050°F) and pressures up to 150barg (2,175psig). Units can be bottom or top supported to better serve the project.

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Saatotuli Canada

Hot-water biomass boilers (136,000 - 5 million BTU/hr), hot-air biomass furnaces (1.7 million BTU/hr), containerised biomass heating plants, retrofit burners and chippers. We own the Finnish Säätötuli technology for North America. Our equipment is able to burn woodchips, pellets, peat, agrofuels, etc.

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Smart Pellet Heater GmbH

We specialise in wood pellet fired outdoor and patio heaters. Clean, free of odors and smoke, self-sufficient in power generation. Covered by multiple patents our devices provide 4 times intensive outdoor heating offer 4 times more intense heat radiation than LPG-fired competitors. Beguiling design and the yellow flame color are magnets for the clients in all HORECA venues.

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