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Biomass Systems Supply

Biomass Systems Supply has partnered with a select group of companies in order to offer customers a full range of services, equipment, and expertise. Our mission is to help you make the transition from conventional, fossil fuel based energy to biomass energy – the renewable, reliable, clean, and local energy source.

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Caluwe, Inc.

With over fifteen years of experience and over 350 projects nationwide, Caluwe will provide turnkey solutions to your most challenging heat and combined heat and power (CHP) energy needs. We carry a full range of modern biomass heating and combined heat and power technology to meet residential, institutional, commercial, and industrial needs for heat energy from renewable and low carbon woody biomass fuels.

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Hurst Boiler

Manufacturer of Industrial boilers since 1967; gas, oil, biomass, and hybrid firetube and watertube steam and hot water boilers. Pkgd steam, hot water, multifuel and biomass boilers 6 to 2000 HP, with pressures up to 450 PSI. Custom manufacturer of engineered packaged boilers and systems, biomass systems, integrated PLC boiler controls and accessories. Low NOx modular boilers and burner configurations available for all models. Watertube Boilers: Series O, A, D and Flex with sizes from 10,000 to 150,000 PPH, pressures to 1000 PSIG, with various fuel and auxiliary options available. Modular biomass thermal to electric cogeneration systems are offered from 250 kWe to 15 MWe packages. Worldwide Parts and service distributor/dealer network.

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Wisewood Energy

Wisewood Energy is one of the nation's leaders in developing advanced wood energy projects. We outfit communities, businesses, and industries with right-sized biomass technology that strengthens local economies, stabilizes energy costs and promotes environmental stewardship.

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8 Rivers Capital LLC

Rivers is a full-service Net Zero solutions provider. From innovation to commercialization to deployment, we enable the world’s largest companies to meet their Net Zero goals. We have a robust technology portfolio that is competitive for a diverse set of low-carbon energy challenges. We are world leaders in carbon capture and oxy-combustion. The energy transition is an enormous problem that requires an array of solutions. Where our portfolio cannot directly solve a problem, we use our deep expertise in the energy transition industry to partner with a provider to offer a complete solution. 8 Rivers has developed the Allam-Fetvedt Cycle, a technology that will enable the world to meet its climate targets without paying more for electricity. The AFC-Biome process is a new way to generate low-cost power from carbon-based fuels while inherently capturing carbon dioxide without the need for a separate post-combustion capture system or .

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American Heat and Power

American Heat and Power is an energy solutions company. Our goal is to capture and utilize energy sources that are otherwise wasted or discarded.

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Bioturbines Ltd.

Development of clean wood waste CHP genset

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Capstone Green Energy

For over three decades, Capstone Green Energy has been at the forefront of microturbine technology, revolutionizing how businesses manage their energy supply. In partnership with our worldwide team of dedicated distributors, we have shipped over 10,000 units to 83 countries, providing environmentally friendly and highly efficient on-site energy systems and microgrid solutions. Today, our commitment to a greener future is unwavering. We offer customers a range of commercial, industrial and utility scale options tailored to their specific needs ranging from 65kW to multiple MWs. Capstone's product portfolio not only showcases our core microturbine technology, but also includes flexible Energy-as-a-Service (EaaS) rental and service contracts. In our pursuit of cutting-edge solutions, we've forged strategic partnerships to extend our impact. Through these collaborations, we proudly offer biomass and heat recovery solutions that enhance the sustainability and efficiency of our clients' operations, contributing to a cleaner and more responsible energy landscape.

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Duryea Technologies

The MODE Power System for biogas cogeneration offers wastewater treatment plants, agriculture, and other anaerobic digester sites a modular solution that can be scaled from 18kW to 1MW+. It features ahigh tolerance for H2S, siloxanes and other biogas contaminants and efficiency across a wide range of biogas flow rates. In addition to the MODE Power System, Duryea Technologies develops and manufactures BLDC motor/generators, IC engines, and power electronics with industry-leading efficiency & performance.

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International Waste Industries Corp.

IWI is a Full Turnkey Systems provider, full-service designer, manufacturer, and systems integrator of Waste Treatment and Waste-to-Energy (WtE) systems since 1979. Our specialty is our modular Dual Reactor Thermal Waste Treatment Systems, consisting of our dual chamber gasification systems, waste incinerators, and waste-to-energy (WTE) systems. We're also a complete systems integrator from waste sorting to Air Pollution Control (APC) systems.

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