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Source: Forisk North American Forest Industry Capacity Database

North American Wood Fiber Pricing, Supplies and Sawmill Capex

By Brooks Mendel



Multiple new projects promise to expand biogenic hydrogen production, but only if unhindered by rules favoring electrolyzers.

Experts from FLAMEX, Fagus GreCon and CV Technology share some new and improved technologies for fire and explosion prevention and mitigation.

Brian O'Connor led Air Burners from a fledgling business with a clever idea to a successful company with a brilliant technology. On an early June morning in Minnesota, the sun is barely visible through a blurry haze that shrouds the landscape from the ground up. 1,300 miles to the east, New York City’s skyscrapers are engulfed in an eerie curtain of smoke, and even those who aren’t particularly sensitive to air quality are cautioned of the outdoors.

Thomas Meth, Enviva

Q&A: Finding New Niches

By Katie Schroeder

Enviva is expanding into new markets, furthering its mission of decarbonization via sustainable woody biomass.

Coming off a season with inventory levels the highest they have been in several years, an impending pellet shortfall in Europe has some U.S. heating pellet producers eyeing a challenging opportunity.


Proper selection and expert installation of explosion protection equipment is critical to asset and personnel protection

Drying Digestate

By Rich Trzupek

There are certain tricks to process digestate effectively, but the challenges have been overcome and many operators are happily making money selling what they used to throw away.

When considering opportunities to produce and sell digestate, there are legal Issues for renewable natural gas project developers to consider.

By warning earlier on the pathway to ignition, managers of facilities that store biomass can avert costly and potentially life-threatening fires before they are permitted to start and spread.

Despite its environmental benefits, one significant challenge that comes with biomass combustion is soot and dust buildup

Improved carbon accounting methodology for biogas projects will be a game-changer for the industry.

When faced with excessive amounts of dust and spillage from conveyor systems, operators logically focus on cleanup, maintenance and downtime mitigation to maintain production levels.

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