1 hour ago

In Depth: Algae’s New Standard-Bearer

BY Tim PortzFound In:Advanced FuelsMatt Carr discusses his first 100 days as the Algae Biomass Organization executive director, experiences on the Hill, and introducing carbon capture and utilization to policymakers. READ MORE

1 hour ago

Opinion: Organic Material Recycling Momentum Builds

BY Stephanie Thorson As more systems come on line in jurisdictions where there are financial incentives for biogas, competition is increasing for organic material, the feedstock that provides these systems with their source of energy and provides a critical revenue strea READ MORE

1 hour ago

In Depth: Balancing Digester Diets

BY Katie Fletcher Found In:BiogasWhile energy-rich and an ideal substrate for digesters, organic waste can be loaded with contaminants. READ MORE

1 hour ago

Opinion: A Long, Tough Year for Advanced Biofuels

BY Michael McAdams Found In:Advanced FuelsWe can’t afford another year like this one in 2015. Win, lose or draw, the advanced and cellulosic industries need the federal government to reaffirm its support for this sector. READ MORE

1 hour ago

In Depth: Pepped to Fuel Prep

BY Anna SimetFound In:Advanced FuelsMunicipal solid waste that undergoes Enerkem’s thermochemical gasification process at its Edmonton, Alberta, plant has made a long and complicated journey before it is converted into liquid fuel. READ MORE


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October 13-14, 2014
Hyatt Minneapolis
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April 20-22, 2015
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Minneapolis, Minnesota

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June 1-4, 2015
Minneapolis Convention Center
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Balancing Digester Diets

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