Nomination deadline for export advisory committee extended

By Erin Voegele | August 27, 2014

On Aug. 25, the Department of Commerce’s International Trade Administration published a notice in the Federal Register amending a notice published in June that it is reestablishing the renewable energy and energy efficiency advisory committee and accepting nominations for its membership. According to the amended notice, federally-registered lobbyists are now eligible for nomination. The amended notice also extends the deadline for submitting applications through Aug. 29. The deadline was originally set for Aug. 15.

The committee was first established in December 2010. According to the notice, it consists of approximately 35 members appointed by the secretary of the Department of Commerce, and advises the secretary on the development and administration of programs and policies to expand the competitiveness of U.S. exports of renewable energy and energy efficiency goods and services. Members represent U.S. companies, U.S. trade associations, and U.S. private sector organizations with activities focused on the export competitiveness of U.S. renewable energy and energy efficiency goods and services. While the committee will not address vehicles, biofuel feedstocks or energy efficiency as it relates to consumer goods, it will include non-fossil fuels that are considered renewable fuels, such as liquid biofuels and pellets.

According to the amended notice, the Department of Commerce recently revised its policy regarding the appointment of federally registered lobbyists to its advisory committees following a clarification by the Office of Management and Budget that the eligibility restriction does not apply to advisory committee members who serve in a representative capacity.

The notice also indicates that in selecting members for the committee, the Department of Commerce considers whether members reflect the diversity of the sector, including in terms of entity or organization size, geographic locations, and subsector represented. Consideration is also give to whether members represent the diversity of company or organizational roles in the development of renewable energy and energy efficiency projects, including project developers, technology integrators, financial institutions, and manufacturers. According to the notice, the secretary is to appoint at least one individual to the committee who represents several specific aspects of the sector. This includes a representative of a U.S. renewable energy company involved in international trade, a U.S. small business in the renewable energy or energy efficiency industry that is involved in international trade, a U.S. trade association in renewable energy or energy efficiency sector, a U.S. private sector organization involved with international investment or financing activities concerning the international trade of renewable energy and energy efficiency products and services, and a U.S. company or organization involved with business activities concerning the development of renewable energy and energy efficiency projects in international markets.

Members selected to serve on the committee will serve a two year term, through June 12, 2016. Additional information on the committee is available in its revised charter, which can be downloaded from the website, along with a current list of committee members. Directions on how to nominate a committee member is available within the amended Federal Register notice.



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