Ensyn announces RFO biofuels supply agreement with N.H. hospital

By Ensyn Fuels | October 21, 2014

Ensyn Fuels, a wholly owned subsidiary of Ensyn Corp., has signed a contract with Valley Regional Hospital in Claremont, New Hampshire, for the supply of RFO, Ensyn’s advanced cellulosic biofuel. Ensyn Fuels will provide the hospital with approximately 250,000 gallons/year of RFO for a renewable term of seven years, commencing deliveries by April 2015. This contract will allow Valley Regional to convert its entire heating requirements from petroleum fuels to Ensyn’s renewable fuel, lowering the hospital’s greenhouse gases from heating fuels by approximately 85 percent and reducing the hospital’s operating cost.

Ensyn’s RFO is a liquid fuel produced from non-food solid biomass including forest and mill residues. RFO, essentially “liquid wood,” directly displaces petroleum fuels in heating operations and is also a renewable feedstock for refineries for the production of gasoline and diesel.

Initial deliveries of RFO will be sourced from Ensyn’s production facility in Ontario. This plant has been qualified by the U.S. EPA under the U.S. renewable fuel standard (RFS2 program. Ensyn expects that sales of RFO from this facility to Valley Regional will qualify for renewable identification numbers (RINs) under the RFS2 program, enhancing contract economics.

The contract with Valley Regional is the second long term supply contract Ensyn Fuels has signed committing RFO from Ensyn’s expanding production capacity and also the second supply contract to be signed with a hospital.

Ensyn companies have been operating commercially for over 25 years and their RTP technology has produced over 37 million gallons of fuels and chemicals from wood residues. While commercial production to-date has been focused on heating fuels and chemicals for the food industry, Ensyn is now expanding production to serve a broader base of biofuel clients and applications.

“We welcome Valley Regional as an important early adopter for our growing heating fuels business,” said Robert Graham, Ensyn’s Chairman and CEO. “We look forward to initiating deliveries during this coming winter season and providing Valley Regional with clean burning cellulosic biofuels for at least the next seven years.”

“Valley Regional is proud to adopt Ensyn’s RFO biofuel for our heating needs at the hospital,” said Peter J. Wright, president and CEO of Valley Regional Hospital. “We are happy to partner with Ensyn in exerting leadership to do what’s right for the environment and our community.”