FERC: 140 MW of biomass capacity added in first 9 months of 2014

By Erin Voegele | October 30, 2014

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission Office of Energy Projects has published its Energy Infrastructure Update for September 2014, reporting the U.S. added 38 biomass power generation units during the first nine months of the year. Together, those units have a combined capacity of 140 MW. During the same period of last year, the U.S. added 78 biomass units with a combined capacity of 312 MW.

During the first three quarters of this year, the U.S. added 8,860 MW of additional power generation capacity. Renewable energy has comprised a large portion of those additions. In addition to the biomass units, the U.S. added seven hydro units with 141 MW of capacity, along with 28 wind units with a combined 1,614 MW of capacity. An additional five geothermal steam units were added with a combined 32 MW of capacity, along with 187 solar units with a combined 1,671 MW of capacity. The U.S. also added 7 MW Of capacity from other sources.

Regarding fossil energy additions, the U.S. added no new coal units during the first nine months of the year. However, 41 natural gas units with a combined capacity of 5,153 MW were added, along with one nuclear unit with 71 Mw of capacity. According to the FERC, an additional 11 oil units with a combined 33 MW of capacity were added during the first three quarters of the year.

As of the close of September, the U.S. had 16.04 GW of biomass capacity, with accounts for 1.38 of capacity nationwide. Of the non-hydro renewable technologies, only wind has a greater share of installed capacity at 62.30 GW or 5.35 percent. Hydro has 98.37 GW, or 8.45 percent, geothermal steam has 3.87 GW, or 0.33 percent, and solar has 9.74 GW, or 0.84 percent. Waste heat and other sources account for 1.13 GW or 0.10 percent and 0.81 GW and 0.07 percent, respectively. Natural gas accounts for the most capacity, at 490.25 GW, or 42.10 percent, followed by coal at 328.21 GW or 28.19 percent. Nuclear and oil each account for a respective 107.50 GW or 9.23 percent, and 46.25 GW or 3.97 percent.

A full copy of the report is available here