Mascoma hires CFO

In October, George Schaefer joined Mascoma Corp, a leading biotechnology company, as its chief financial officer (CFO). He will report directly to Chief Executive Officer Bruce Jamerson.

"George possesses considerable experience in the ethanol and biofuels industries, making him the ideal executive for this important position," Jamerson said. "George is well-regarded by the Wall Street community as a result of his expertise in financing projects and companies."

Previously, Schaefer was CFO for ASAlliances Biofuels LLC in Dallas. ASAlliances develops, owns and operates ethanol production facilities, as well as a nationwide product distribution system. In August, it sold its three 100 MMgy corn-based ethanol plants in Linden, Ind.; Albion, Neb.; and Bloomingburg, Ohio, to VeraSun Energy Corp.

Mascoma produces biofuels from lignocellulosic biomass using proprietary microorganisms and enzymes developed in its Lebanon, N.H., laboratories. It is developing demo- and commercial-scale production facilities nationwide.

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