Aeon Energy provides torrefaction equipment to WWD

By Aeon Energy Solutions Inc | October 13, 2016

Aeon Energy Solutions Inc. announces that Western Wood Development LLC, a Northern California-based company, has fully committed to using Konza Renewable Fuel as the base torrefaction technology for its torrefied pellet product. Aeon is a multifaceted sales, marketing and energy consulting firm partnered with cutting edge green technology equipment manufactures involved with energy/fuel production. Aeon provides Green Energy solutions through our world class manufacturing partners and our various environmentally accountable products. 

Western Wood Development is a limited liability company, headquartered in Northern California. WWD was created specifically to address a growing demand in Japan and Korea for high quality industrial grade pellets and second generation torrefied wood pellets. WWD has been leveraging its extensive expertise gained in the successful development of biomass generation projects on the West Coast of the U.S. toward the development of torrefied wood pellet plants. Utilizing real world local knowledge of California and Oregon fiber supplies and the best potential locations, WWD has developed a production strategy based on the staged development of several excellent production locations in central Oregon. 

The key to WWD success in developing its flagship production facility is “advance technology, proven experience,” this sums up the Konza’s partners’ credentials and why WWDs selection of KRF as its preferred torrefaction partner. This decision concludes an extensive search by WWD and Aeon to locate a partner with the most advance technology, engineered driven products, extensive fabrication qualifications and an established history of successful production, installation and maintenance of heavy industrial grade capital equipment. Konza torrefaction system is 100 percent made in the USA of the highest grade components, time test quality craftsmanship, proven reliability and endurance, and priced economically to compete in today’s world marketplace. 

Konza Renewable Fuels torrefaction technology is the logical transition to the next generation of industrial drying technology based on 70 years of Thompson Dryers of Topeka, Kansas (Konza’s founding partner). “Aeon recognized that their 70 years of expertise is directly transferable to the material handling characteristics found in the Konza torrefaction system. This time tested, proven real world knowledge has provided Konza a firm grasp of the ‘how and why’ components of a Torrefaction Unit function together and was validated by the sale of their first 100,000 metric ton per year production unit to a EU Customer,” states Joseph W Majka, President/CEO of Aeon Energy Solutions.

WWD anticipates production to begin in 2017 of their high quality torrefied pellets in one of several selected sites in Oregon. They have opted to engage in a robust ramp up schedule and fully expect multiple productions site on line by Q1 of 2019. The Japanese market appears to be extremely active with a strong desire for a High Energy, Hydrophobic, torrefied pellet which can seamlessly be co-fired with coal or used as a full coal replacement. Testifying to the strength of this market and the Japanese commitment to green renewable fuels; it is expected WWD’s first facility will be sold out soon.