California Biodiesel Alliance changes name, expands scope

By California Advanced Biofuels Alliance | December 14, 2017

The board of directors of the California Biodiesel Alliance—which has been the respected voice for biodiesel in the state since its founding in 2006—has voted to broaden the scope of membership to include advanced biofuels.

"By changing our name from the California Biodiesel Alliance to the California Advanced Biofuels Alliance, we are not just recognizing the growing number of existing members involved in the production, distribution, and sale of renewable diesel, we are also showing our increasing commitment to advocating for all biofuels that have made the LCFS a success and will continue to do so for decades to come," said Jennifer Case, president of New Leaf Biofuel and board chair of CABA. 

"Biofuels are responsible for an overwhelming contribution to GHG reduction in the transportation sector to date, accounting for close to 90 percent of LCFS credits generated.  Advanced biofuels are a key part of the “all of the above” strategy that we believe must be employed to reach state goals, from petroleum displacement, to GHG reduction and job creation and lowering pollution in impacted communities," she added.

The group's annual conference enters its seventh year as the 2018 California Advanced Biofuels Conference. The theme—Evolve—reflects the inclusive new name as well as a range of key policy areas seeing major change in 2018. The conference will take place on March 1 at the Capitol Ballroom in downtown Sacramento.