Florida PSC approves RNG program for Peoples Gas

By Erin Voegele | December 15, 2017

The Florida Public Service Commission has approved a renewable natural gas (RNG) program for TECO Peoples Gas system that will allow it to upgrade biogas generated by its customers, and—in some circumstances—transport the resulting RNG in its pipeline. The PSC said the approval marks the first time a Florida natural gas utility will offer biogas producers the option of delivering RNG into its distribution system.

RNG is biogas that is been upgraded to meet pipeline quality standards. It can be produced in a variety of ways, including by wastewater treatment plants, landfills, and facilities processing municipal solid waste, livestock manure, and agricultural waste. According to the PSC, Peoples has been approved by landfill operators and owners of wastewater treatment plants who want to deliver RNG into its distribution system.

The biogas producer could use the RNG onsite, or contract with a customer who will purchase the RNG. Potential customers include compressed natural gas (CNG) filling stations and industrial customers. Alternatively, Peoples could purchase the RNG, displacing a portion of its fossil-based natural gas with RNG.

Peoples explains that the service approved by the PSC will allows Peoples to clean or condition a customer’s biogas. The approval also allows customers to transport their renewable gas in Peoples’ pipeline in some circumstances. The new conditioning service is expected to be available to customers in 2018.

Peoples gas is Florida’s largest natural gas distribution utility, serving approximately 375,000 customers across the state. The utility is a subsidiary of Halifax, Nova Scotia-based Emera Inc.