Organic Power to install 2 MW AD plant in Puerto Rico

By Erin Voegele | February 09, 2018

Organic Power Ltd. is installing a Global Water Engineering Raptor anaerobic digestion plant at its green energy facility in Bega Baja, Puerto Rico. Once fully operational in mid-2018, the facility is expected to produce 2.055 MW of electricity.

The waste-to-energy facility will convert Napier grass feedstock mixed with waste materials into biogas, which will be used for electricity production.

According to Organic Power, GWE’s Raptor technology is a liquid-state anaerobic digestion process that converts biodegradable waste and energy crops into biogas. The technology consists of an enhanced pretreatment followed by multi-step biological fermentation.

At the Organic Power facility, the technology will be integrated into a progress that begins with waste reception and conditioning, followed by thermophilic hydrolysis through an acidification reactor, Anamix digester and post-digester, Biosulfurix biogas desulphurization, Gasodrix biogas drying, biogas use in a combined-heat-and-power unit, and sludge dewatering using a screw press.