Velocys appoints Worley as engineering partner

By Velocys plc | February 03, 2020

Velocys plc, the sustainable fuels technology company, is pleased to announce the appointment of Worley to manage the delivery of its fully integrated technology package.

Worley, a world-class engineering contractor, is the partner in the development of pre-feasibility, feasibility and FEED packages for all projects in the Velocys portfolio. This allows Velocys to leverage synergies across multiple projects and geographies. Worley’s global reach allows an effective collaborative partnership to deliver projects worldwide.

The fully integrated technology package converts waste feedstocks into sustainable aviation and road transport fuels. Velocys has selected all the technology suppliers for its Bayou Fuels woody-biomass-to-fuels project in Natchez, Mississippi, USA. The same technology package will be used for the Altalto Immingham waste-to-fuels project in the UK.

The industry leading licensors were selected, after extensive due diligence and engineering assessment, to create an integrated technology solution consisting of five process steps (including Velocys’ own technology), each of which has been demonstrated at commercial scale on similar feedstocks:







TRI (ThermoChem Recovery International)


Syngas partial oxidation and cooling

Arvos Schmidtsche-Schack (SCS), with Linde’s Hot Oxygen Burner Technology


Syngas clean-up & conditioning

Air Liquide Engineering & Construction


Fisher Tropsch (FT) hydrocarbon synthesis



Product upgrading

Haldor Topsoe


The careful selection and combination of the above technologies provides a de-risked solution enabling the processing of different solid feedstocks (including both woody biomass and municipal solid waste), and sufficient flexibility to allow production of multiple products including Synthetic Paraffinic Kerosene (SPK) and diesel. A capture-ready carbon dioxide stream is also produced, enabling negative-emissions fuels wherever CO2 usage or storage options are available, as is the case for the Bayou Fuels project.

Velocys has also successfully concluded an integrated piloting programme culminating in the production of SPK, diesel and naphtha from representative Fischer Tropsch liquids.

Aviation and heavy goods transport remain the hardest sectors to decarbonise. Passenger vehicles can be electrified but aeroplanes and trucks require much higher energy density, therefore a liquid fuel remains the more viable choice. The technology package provides a robust solution to help these industries to unlock a decarbonised future, through access to abundant, sustainable, but difficult-to-process feedstocks such as municipal solid waste and woody biomass residues. Critically, the fuels produced meet all required regulatory standards, and can be used without any modification to engines.

Paul Seaton, Worley president, E&C Services, Europe & Central Asia said, We are pleased to have been selected as the global engineering partner for these sustainable fuels projects. As a major player in the energy, chemicals and resources sectors, energy transition projects are already a fast-growing part of our business. Worley is determined to work with Velocys to find solutions for a lower carbon world.”

Henrik Wareborn, Velocys CEO, said. “We are delighted to have appointed Worley as our engineering contractor and to partner with our selected technology providers, who bring complementary skills and command excellent reputations. Our unique combination of proven technologies allows Velocys to offer a robust process solution that will be vital to the decarbonisation of challenging sectors and the achievement of net zero targets.”