Topsoe supplies HydroFlex technology to California biorefinery

By Erin Voegele | June 11, 2020

Haldor Topsoe on June 9 announced that its HydroFlex technology will be installed at a refinery in Bakersfield, California, that is being retooled by Global Clean Energy to produce renewable diesel from proprietary camelina oil and other feedstocks, including waste fats, oils and grease.

Topose said it will deliver basic engineering, license, proprietary equipment and catalyst for its HydroFlex technology to the biorefinery project.

“We are thrilled to announce this exciting project for the production of environmentally friendly renewable diesel from our proprietary camelina oil as well as a traditional slate of biofuel feedstocks,” said Richard Palmer, CEO of Global Clean Energy Holdings. “The project will generate both direct and indirect job opportunities in the region and will contribute to a growing diversified domestic energy mix. For this important project, we have chosen Topsoe’s HydroFlex solution, an industry-proven, safe, and efficient technology.”

“We are honored that Global Clean Energy has trusted Topsoe with supplying licensed technology for this large renewable fuels unit,” said Henrik Rasmussen, vice president of Haldor Topsoe. “HydroFlex is the preferred choice for refiners leading the industry adaptation of renewable fuels, and it is a privilege to add yet another U.S. project to our portfolio.”

Additional information is available on the Haldor Topsoe website