Biomass to power 2012 Olympics

By Timothy Charles Holmseth
The Olympic Delivery Authority announced in July that Elyo Industrial Ltd., a subsidiary of Paris-based Suez Energy Services, has been awarded a $178 million contract to build, finance and operate the 2012 Olympic Park for the 2012 Olympics, which will be held in Stratford, England.

The company will build two energy centers that will generate hot water, heating, electricity and cooling. They will each include a combined-heat-and-power plant for the heating, cooling and electricity. They will also be equipped with biomass boilers using sustainable biomass fuels and natural gas to generate heat. The technologies used will help the ODA reach its target of a 20 percent reduction in carbon dioxide emissions through the use of renewable energy.

One center will be located in the western part of Olympic Park and the other within Stratford's city limits. Both will be connected to nine miles of community energy networks. "The energy center will be at the heart of the new utilities networks in the Olympic Park, providing heating and cooling for the games and local communities in legacy," said ODA Chief Executive David Higgins.

The biomass source will mainly be wood chips originating from sustainable sources. "Sustainability runs right through this project, and our energy center plans will ensure the Games deliver the lasting legacy of a sustainable energy supply for this part of East London," Higgins said.